Netflix's version of The Notebook has a different ending than the original

26 February 2019, 14:25

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Fans are confused after seeing a different ending to 'The Notebook' on Netflix.

The Notebook is an emotional journey that pretty much set the gold standard for romance films in the 00s. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams portrayed on-screen soul mates Noah and Allie. In The Notebook, Noah recounts the couple's love story for Allie, who is hospitalised and suffering from dementia. Netflix UK audiences can watch The Notebook on the platform but, fair warning. The ending is not quite the instant tearjerker you remember.

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Netflix viewers have noticed that the last bit of the film is slightly different to the original. In the original, Allie and Noah fall asleep holding hands. Noah says "I'll be seeing you" and in the morning a nurse discovers their lifeless bodies, still hand in hand.

In Netflix's version, Noah says "I'll be seeing you" and the movie cuts to a flock of birds. That's right. The saddest part of the movie is missing and people have thoughts.

Netflix The Notebook
Netflix The Notebook. Picture: twitter/@chelliey
The Notebook ending reaction Netflix
The Notebook ending reaction Netflix. Picture: twitter/@chloefawcettxx
Netflix The Notebook
Netflix The Notebook. Picture: twitter/@chloeadamsmusic

C'mon, Netflix. We just wanted our daily cry courtesy of Allie and Noah.

Despite the different ending, longtime fans of The Notebook likely have the original one permanently imprinted in their brains. The overhead shot, their hands clasped, the shocked nurse. Art.

What do you guys think? What's one movie that always makes you cry? Is it The Notebook.