The Last of Us keeps killing off fan fave characters and viewers are traumatised

1 March 2023, 14:46

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Every episode, The Last of Us introduces viewers to someone new only to kill them at the end of the episode.

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The Last of Us keeps on killing off fan favourite characters and viewers are calling it out for repeatedly breaking their hearts.

Players of The Last of Us games will already know that the franchise is no stranger to trauma. Season 1 follows the story of the first game closely and it does not hold back. To date, the show's killed off Joel's daughter Sarah, Joel's partner Tess, Joel's friends Bill and Frank, Joel and Ellie's new companions Sam and Henry and Ellie's first love Riley to name a few.

Every episode makes viewers fall in love with someone new only to kill them off minutes later and viewers are traumatised.

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The Last of Us keeps killing off fan fave characters and viewers are traumatised
The Last of Us keeps killing off fan fave characters and viewers are traumatised. Picture: HBO / TCD/Prod.DB / Alamy Stock Photo

Reacting to Sarah, Tess, Bill, Frank, Joel and Ellie's deaths, one person tweeted: "the last of us has mastered the 'make you fall in love with a character and killing them that same episode' strategy". Another person added: "The Last of Us just rips out whatever’s left of your heart from the previous week every Sunday night." Honestly, I need therapy for this show.

Essentially, the show is so well written that fans can't help but be invested, but the deaths are so commonplace that every single viewer is left screaming, crying and throwing up each week when the credits role. With that in mind, here are just a few of the funniest and most relatable memes and tweets in reference to The Last of Us' ongoing death count.

1) And now Riley too! It's too much!

2) Never has a show ruined me so often.

3) It's a toxic relationship.

4) And yet I keep coming back.

5) Why is this true?

6) You had a good go at it. Thanks for your input.

7) BRB suing HBO for emotional damages.

8) This is rude.

9) Every single week.

10) In conclusion.

To anyone hoping that The Last of Us will get happier as the show progresses, you've got a big storm coming!

What do you think? Are you sad The Last of Us keeps killing people off?

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