17 heartbreaking Ellie and Riley memes that'll make The Last of Us fans sob all over again

27 February 2023, 17:39

Bella Ramsey and Storm Reid talk about Ellie and Riley's first love

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"'Ellie gets to experience first love, first kiss and then we snatch it away from her' HBO how could u!"

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Show of hands: Who's still crying about Ellie and Riley's backstory in this week's episode of The Last of Us? [SPOILER WARNING: This article will discuss major spoilers for The Last of Us episode 7!]

Yep, the HBO series has done it again. In episode 7, titled 'Left Behind', viewers finally find out more about Ellie and her best friend and first love Riley through one long flashback. And yes, it's another very, very sad episode. It's very sweet, but it's also very sad.

During a trip to an abandoned shopping centre, Riley takes Ellie on a tour of the "four Wonders of the mall" (five, if you include the escalator). The pair explore, take photos in the photobooth, hit up the arcade and dance together.

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However, just after the two share their first ever kiss (!!), they are attacked by one of the Infected and are both bitten. At the end of the episode, both Ellie and Riley decide to spend whatever time they have left together. But we, as viewers, know that it won't be long because Ellie is immune and Riley is sadly not.

As expected, the reaction to the episode on social media was...emotional, to say the least. And the memes are just as heartbreaking as the episode itself. Here's all the best reactions to Ellie and Riley's heartbreaking episode of The Last of Us.

The memes about Ellie and RIley from The Last of Us are even more devastating
The memes about Ellie and RIley from The Last of Us are even more devastating. Picture: HBO

They can't keep getting away with this!

I am literally holding on for dear life rn.

It was nice of that Runner to let Ellie and Riley have their moment...

But it was actually HIGH-KEY rude of him to then turn around and do that.

Mind your own business! Stay away from them! Get a job!

The next three memes: Screaming, crying, throwing up! In that order!

I can't do thissssss!

Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, you will be hearing from my lawyers!




See you in court!

I will simply never know peace again.

This show in a nutshell.

Not a meme, just a fact ❤️

Television Academy, are you seeing this?! Give Bella and Storm their Emmy's neoooww!

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