Bella Ramsey had to chop off most of her hair to play Ellie in The Last of Us

23 February 2023, 12:48

Bella Ramsey had to cut off almost all of her hair for The Last of Us

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Bella Ramsey says that she still misses her long hair sometimes and keeps her old hair under her bed..

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Bella Ramsey has revealed that she had to cut off almost all her hair in order to play the role of Ellie in HBO's The Last of Us.

Often in TV actors are asked to change their hairstyles for roles and sometimes this is a point of contention. In recent years, Hunter Schafer has let slip that she had to beg Sam Levinson to give Jules a new haircut in Euphoria season 2. Meanwhile, Noah Schnapp has repeatedly asked the Duffer Brothers to get rid of Will's bowl cut in Stranger Things to no avail.

Now, Bella Ramsey has showed fans how long her hair was before she was cast in The Last of Us and made to chop it.

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Bella Ramsey had to chop off most of her hair to play Ellie in The Last of Us
Bella Ramsey had to chop off most of her hair to play Ellie in The Last of Us. Picture: @hbomax via TikTok

In a new HBO Max TikTok video, Bella explains that she had been growing out her hair before she got the part of Ellie. Bella said: "I ended up growing my hair. It just ended up getting super long." The video then shows Bella getting her haircut and you can see that it used to come down to her knees before she started filming the show.

Luckily, Bella wasn't too sad to see it go though. She said: "I got it chopped off, and it felt so good. I do miss it sometimes, now, but, mostly I just feel so much more like myself."

Bella continued: "My hair was this length when I was a kid so I felt more like a kid again."

Bella ended the video by revealing that she hasn't got rid of her long hair completely just yet. Bella said: "I should also just say quickly, a thing about my long hair, is that I still have it braided in a zip lock bag under my bed."

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