Joel Courtney Is Selling 'The Kissing Booth' T-Shirts And We NEED Them Now

9 July 2018, 17:45

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Ther merchandise you've always wanted...

The Kissing Booth may have come out nearly three months ago now but it's safe to say that the film has been on our minds ever since. Not only are we obsessed with the life-long friendship between Elle and Lee (they were born in the same hospital on the same day - we will never be over this) and the heartwarming romance between Elle and Noah (swoon) but the film itself is everything we want in a teen movie.

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Laugh out loud moments? Of course. Tear-jerking scenes? You bet. Loveable side characters? Plenty. From the script to the acting, the Netflix hit feature is nothing short of incredible. To make things even more exciting, there is an actual possibility that the summer sensation may get a sequel or be turned into its own series. Essentially The Kissing Booth mania is here and it is not going anywhere.

The Kissing Booth
The Kissing Booth. Picture: Netflix

To add to the excitement of it all, you can now buy real The Kissing Booth merchandise for a limited time only. Your fave and ours, Joel Courtney (the star behind Lee), is selling The Kissing Booth inspired t-shirts via Represent to raise money for The Lollipops Kids Foundation. On top of that, they feature the ACTUAL kissing booth on them with the catchphrase "Rules are meant to be broken".

In his own words, Joel said: "I've created this design for all of you! Available for 2 weeks only with 50% of proceeds going to the Lollipop Kids Foundation, helping children with disabilities!". What a man. As it stands there are just over two days left to by them so you better hurry up if you don't want to miss out.

Taking to Instagram, yesterday Joel wrote: "there is a countdown on this once in a lifetime opportunity and you only have a couple days left to get these shirts! Don’t miss out on this just because of inactivity." Consider ourselves told.

What an amazing idea for such a great cause. If you've got your t-shirt already though and are still starving for more content related to The Kissing Booth, fear not. All of the film's leads have other movies coming out this year. Joel is about to star in a sci-fi thriller called Replicate, Joey King (Elle) has a horror named Slender Man on its way and Jacob Elordi (Noah) is also set to scare us in The Mortuary Collection.

Considering how talented they all are, we reckon they will have plenty more projects in the pipeline. We can't wait to find out what they are. In the mean-time, we will be rewatching The Kissing Booth in our The Kissing Booth t-shirts because that is how we roll.