The Hole In The Ground on Netflix is being called the "scariest horror film of 2019"

4 December 2019, 17:27

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The Hole in the Ground is being hailed as one of the scariest movies on Netflix, with viewers calling it "supremely unsettling" and "creepy".

In a year that gave us Midsommar and IT: Chapter Two, Netflix's latest addition, The Hole In The Ground, is proving to be a hit with horror buffs. Despite its January 2019 Sundance release, the film has only just made its way onto Netflix's catalogue and viewers are already calling it one of the scariest films of 2019.

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The Hole In The Ground tells the story of a woman named Sarah who moves to the Irish countryside with her young son, Chris. Chris and Sarah seem to have a close bond, which is why Sarah is alarmed when she notices that her son is no longer behaving like himself after briefly going missing in the woods one evening.

While the boy in her home looks and sounds like her son Chris, Sarah is convinced that someone or something has taken her son and replaced him with an eerie lookalike. Things take a seriously weird turn as Sarah observes the new "Chris" behaving very strangely when he thinks he is alone.

Watch the trailer for The Hole in The Ground below.

The Hole in the Ground (2019) Official Trailer HD // A24

People are raving about the film and calling it "creepy" and "supremely unsettling".

"Watched The Hole In The Ground on Netflix and what a supremely unsettling movie that was, brimming with an atmosphere that gets right under the skin," tweeted one viewer.

"Still hiding behind the sofa after watching the brilliant but creepy, 'The Hole in The Ground' on Netflix last night," said another.

The Hole In The Ground horror movie Netflix
The Hole In The Ground horror movie Netflix. Picture: Netflix/Wildcard Distribution/Vertigo Releasing

What do you guys think? Will you be watching The Hole In The Ground on Netflix?