People are roasting Netflix's Tall Girl for its 'tall oppression' storyline

2 September 2019, 16:16

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

"I can't believe Netflix decided tall white girls are a minority that need representation ASAP"–People on the internet are reacting to Netflix's Tall Girl movie trailer and viewers are divided.

Last week, Netflix unveiled the trailer for its upcoming film Tall Girl, which arrives on the platform on Friday, Sept. 13. Tall Girl stars Ava Michelle Cota as Jodi, a 6 foot 1 high school student who is picked on because of her height. Though bullying of any kind is generally uncool, the internet isn't quite sure that height discrimination is the pressing issue of our generation.

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The internet is lightly roasting the upcoming film and its subject matter.

In the trailer for Tall Girl, Jodi experiences teasing and an awkward love life because of her height. She views her older sister (played by Sabrina Carpenter) as perfect because of her shorter stature and seemingly glamorous persona.

When a handsome foreign exchange student arrives at her high school, Jodi decides they are a good match because he is also tall.

People on social media are debating the film making "tall representation" an actual issue.

Some online are also defending Tall Girl and pointing out that it's a "lighthearted" film about self acceptance.

Tall Girl isn't out yet, so it might actually be a good idea to reserve judgement for later.

However, with complex issues around race, sexuality, and gender expression driving so much of our media and art these days, it's no surprise that a film about tall girl struggles doesn't quite land for some audiences.

What do you guys think?