A Supernatural prequel with Jensen Ackles has been ordered by The CW

4 February 2022, 17:41

Jared Padalecki thanks Supernatural cast and crew in a clip filmed before new prequel announcement

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Jensen Ackles will narrate The Winchesters but his Supernatural co-star Jared Padalecki will not be involved.

Jensen Ackles' new Supernatural prequel, The Winchesters, is coming to The CW and Jensen will narrate the show as Dean.

Last year (Jun 25), Supernatural fans were divided after Jensen Ackles revealed that he was creating a Supernatural prequel series and Jared Padalecki let slip he hadn't been told about it. He tweeted: "Dude. Happy for you. Wish I heard about this some way other than Twitter. I’m excited to watch, but bummed that Sam Winchester had no involvement whatsoever."

Since then, Jensen and Jared have patched things up and now The CW have officially ordered a pilot of The Winchesters.

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A Supernatural prequel with Jensen Ackles has been ordered by The CW
A Supernatural prequel with Jensen Ackles has been ordered by The CW. Picture: Allstar Picture Library Ltd. / Alamy Stock Photo, AF archive / Alamy Stock Photo

Yesterday (Feb 3), Variety confirmed that Jensen's The Winchesters has been picked up by The CW. The official description for the show reads: "Told from the perspective of narrator Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles), the show is the untold love story of how John met Mary and how they put it all on the line to not only save their love, but the entire world."

As it stands, Jared Padalecki will not appear in The Winchesters in any capacity as Sam. However, given that both he and Jensen are on good terms now, it's possible that Sam could feature in a voiceover for the show later down the line. As it stands, no casting details have been announced. (Who would you like to play John and Mary?)

In further exciting news, The CW have also ordered a pilot of Jared's new Walker spin-off Walker: Independence. The new prequel will be set in the 1800s and follow Abby Walker on her quest for revenge after her husband is brutally murdered before her eyes. Jared will executive produce the series.

Following the news, Jensen wrote: "A huge congrats to, my brother, @jaredpadalecki and the whole #walkerfamily on their great news. So damn excited for you guys!!!" on Instagram. Jared returned the favour by writing: "Congratulations!" in reference to The Winchesters.

We love to see both Winchester brothers thrive!

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