Supernatural's Misha Collins confirms Castiel is gay and in love with Dean

11 November 2020, 08:39

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By Sam Prance

Misha Collins has opened up about Destiel being canon and how their storyline plays out in Supernatural season 15.

Destiel shippers assemble. Misha Collins has confirmed that Castiel was "homosexually in love" with Dean in Supernatural.

Ever since Castiel (Misha Collins) first appeared in Supernatural over 10 years ago, viewers have speculated that the beloved character harboured romantic feelings for Dean (Jensen Ackles). Castiel and Dean are portrayed as best friends in the series but, as the show develops, there are many signs that Castiel may be gay and want to be more than just friends with Dean.

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In last week's episode (Nov 16), Supernatural appeared to reveal the truth and now Misha has cleared up any confusion.


Misha Collins confirms Castiel is gay and in love with Dean in Supernatural
Misha Collins confirms Castiel is gay and in love with Dean in Supernatural. Picture: @misha via Instagram, The CW

In 'Despair', Castiel sacrifices his own life to save Dean. Before he dies, he talks about his search for happiness and how he was never able to find it. He also alludes to loving Dean. He says: "I never found an answer because the one thing I want is something I know I can’t have. But I think I know now happiness isn’t in the having. It’s in just being. It's in just saying it."

Castiel then adds: "Ever since I pulled you out of hell, knowing you has changed me. Because you cared, I cared. I cared about you, I cared about Sam, I cared about Jack. But I cared about the whole world because of you. You changed me, Dean. I love you... Goodbye, Dean." In other words, he confirms that he was always romantically in love with Dean.

However, since the scene aired fans have debated as to whether Castiel's speech was meant to be interpreted romantically or not. Now, Misha has confirmed that it was. Speaking at the DarkLight Online Convention this weekend (Nov 8), Misha revealed all. He said: "Castiel tells Dean he loves him and basically makes Destiel canon."

Misha added: "Fans are freaking out after that. To complicate matters, he dies after that. So Castiel makes his homosexual declaration of love and then dies, which plays into a timeless Hollywood trope of 'Kill the gays'. We give and then we take away."

In other words, Misha gets the critiques surrounding Castiel dying right after he declares his romantic feelings for Dean. As the scene aired, people called out Supernatural for queerbaiting fans and not making Castiel's sexuality more clear during the 12 years that he was part of the show.

However, others were just happy to see their theories confirmed and now Misha has made sure that everyone knows that Castiel is gay and Destiel is canon.

What did you think? Was the scene good or too little too late?