'Summer Fun Private Island' memes go viral as people roast group's pandemic trip

8 September 2020, 11:21

The memes were triggered by The Walking Dead actor Daniel Newman's trip to a private island during the coronavirus pandemic.
The memes were triggered by The Walking Dead actor Daniel Newman's trip to a private island during the coronavirus pandemic. Picture: Disney/Universal
Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

The Walking Dead actor Daniel Newman is being mocked, after he tweeted a photo alongside a large group of topless men hanging out on a private island, despite being in the middle of a global pandemic.

Coronavirus has presented challenges for most of us – with staying home and masking up becoming part of our regular routines.

Increasingly, we're seeing celebrities flouting lockdown rules in favour of hitting up a holiday home, riding on their private jet, or in Daniel Newman's case, heading to a private island with 27 friends.

The Walking Dead actor took to Twitter to post the holiday snap surrounded by topless, mask-less men, captioning the photo "private island all tested negative multiple times wear a mask", much to the dismay of fans mocking how out of touch with reality he is. Daniel himself also came down with coronavirus earlier this year, so the double standard has left a sour taste in a lot of people's mouths.

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Given the rising death toll from the virus in the US, people are rightfully feeling more comfortable calling others out for not sticking to protocol. But of course, no one wants anymore doom and gloom in an already trying time, and hit back in the best way - with memes. Because if being lightly mocked online can't teach him to do the right thing, nothing can.

Prepare to laugh seriously hard...

The 39-year-old was then called out for his double standards when it came to preaching about diversity.

He'd tweeted about the importance of having a friendship group that "will almost never look like you" right before the private island photos came about, where he was surrounded by 27 white peers, with identical body types.

Responding to the comments, he then posted a video of his own body and spoke out about body shaming and the personal issues he had dealt with trying to fit an ideal.

He also highlighted that he wasn't aware of what the "crowd was gonna be like" when it came to the "birthday event" he attended on the island.

"I meant it when I said about diversity and being yourself, and having a friend group that’s diverse. And that I also own it – my family’s half Black and Latin," he said candidly.

"I own it that after, when five hours after I posted about diversity, a friend of mine invited me down to a birthday event. And so I’m down here [in Tulum], I had no idea what the crowd was gonna be like, all tested negative, but they’re all fit, they’re all jocks."

He continued: "So, I was laughing along, too, that I posted a photo of a bunch of fit people. So, I got dragged for it – ‘Oh, that’s so diverse’. I’m happy, and I want you guys to be happy with who you are and to celebrate everyone’s diversity and equality.

“Sorry if you guys heard any drama, that’s it.”

Fans are now calling for Daniel to take action on his words, but it seems like they're willing to forgive him this time.

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