Who killed Spooky in On My Block season 4? Oscar’s death explained

5 October 2021, 16:05

The cast of On My Block thanks fans for support of Season 4

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Who dies in On My Block season 4? Fans are devastated by the shock death.

On My Block season 4 is finally here but the last season of the Netflix teen drama includes a death that has left fans in tears.

Ever since On My Block first aired in 2018, the series has been no stranger to killing off main characters. Season 1 ends with Ruby's cousin Olivia being shot dead, and Monse's mother passes away midway through season 3. With all the dangerous antics that the core four and Los Santos end up in, it's safe to say that no one is safe in the world of On My Block.

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And, given that it's the final season of the hit show, On My Block season 4 contains the most heartbreaking death of all.


Who killed Spooky in On My Block season 4? Oscar’s death explained
Who killed Spooky in On My Block season 4? Oscar’s death explained. Picture: Netflix

Oscar "Spooky" Diaz is the main character who is killed in On My Block season 4. At the end of season 3, everything looks good for Spooky. We learn that he has left gang life behind him in order to start a family. Meanwhile, his younger brother Cesar has become a member of Los Santos. In season 3, Spooky tries to get Cesar to leave the gang too.

After Cesar has a near-death experience and is almost shot to death, Spooky encourages him to join him and his family by leaving Freeridge and moving in with him. Cesar agrees and Spooky goes outside to call his wife Isabel and tell her the news. However, Spooky is then shot. Cesar runs out to him and cries as Spooky dies in his arms.

Naturally, fans are devastated. One person tweeted: "WHO TF THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO KILL OFF SPOOKY AFTER HE WAS ABOUT TO GET WHAT HE WANTED!!!" Another fan added: "all those years in the gang spooky wasn’t touched and the one time he wants to move on in life… he gets shot."

Who kills Spooky in On My Block?

Unfortunately, we never actually find out who it was and/or if they meant to shoot Spooky or Cesar. Both brothers have a lot of enemies in the series so it's possible that a member of the Santos or a rival gang member did it. The creators of On My Block never show who it is.

Don't lose all hope, though. Netflix are releasing an On My Block spin-off called Freeridge and it's possible that Spooky's killer will be revealed in that.

Who do you think killed Spooky?