This ‘SKAM Austin’ Lesbian Fan Theory Is 99.9% Gonna Happen

6 June 2018, 12:52

Skam AUSTIN. Picture: Facebook Watch
Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

This plot twist could be so important...

SKAM Austin may have only been out six weeks but it is already becoming one of the most popular shows of the year so far. Its first episode has amassed over 11.5 million views as it stands and the rest of the series is not too far behind it. Much like the original Norwegian series, fans can't get enough of its realistic direction, brilliant characters and excellent plot twists.

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In essence, it is a straight up remake of the Norwegian teen drama in a US context. However, fans are already beginning to notice that there are some vital differences between the two series and they have even come up with a major theory that its character Shay may be lesbian. Not only that but she may also be the focal character in one of the later seasons of the show.

In the original SKAM, the first season focuses on Eva (Julie in the US version) and the second season centres on Noora (Grace in the US version). So far so simple. The third season though is about Isak slowly coming to terms with the fact that he is gay and this is where things get really interesting. In SKAM Austin, Isak appears to be represented by two characters (Tyler & Shay).

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At first it appeared that Tyler would be SKAM Austin's Isak equivalent and Shay would simply be an additional character but, as the season has progressed, it's started to seem like it may be the other way round. Not only does Shay star much more in Season 1 of SKAM Austin than Tyler but she even features in the same plot lines as Isak. There are also multiple hints that Shay may not be straight and fans have noticed.

Shay gets excited when she thinks that Megan has made out with her friend and general icon Josefina.

Meghan was in fact just getting with Penetrator Jo but Shay's assumption is a big clue that she may be lesbian. It's relatable to so many queer teens. Often when we don't have any queer peers so we assume or simply hope that others may be queer as well. We just want to fit in or find someone who understands us.

The show's creator Julie Andem appears to be giving us visual cues that Shay may be lesbian.

Subtle but we are highkey into this theory.

There's also the fact that every look Shay gives Megan is longing and lovestruck.

Our hearts.

Not to mention, Megan also makes Shay blush.


Even though Megan seems to definitely be straight people are shipping Megan and Shay as a couple.

Facts are facts.

It's not going to work out but we live in hope.

Shoutout to every straight person we fancied in high school.

Oh and there's also the big GAY fact that Shay sabotages Megan and Marlon's relationship because she wants to date Megan.

The reasoning isn't confirmed yet. However, seeing as Isak tried to split up Eva and Jonas in the Norwegian series because he fancied Jonas, it seems certain. It's not a cool thing to do but, for anyone who's ever been in the closet, it's understandable.

Shay is essentially the people's (legendary queer) princess.

We wholeheartedly adore her. Plus the prospect of a coming out story line that centres a teenage woman of colour is major. So often US series centre cis white gay male coming out stories. Shay getting her own season of SKAM Austin would be groundbreaking. Fingers crossed that it happens.

Also, none of this means that Tyler isn't gay either; it's possible that we could have two major LGBTQ characters in the show.

So get out your megaphones because #20GayTeen is here and Shay is almost definitely queer.

What a character.