Skai Jackson claps back at reaction to her viral Gossip Girl audition tape

13 December 2022, 11:00

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Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

"I have two movies coming out in 2023, it’s okay y’all"

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Skai Jackson has responded to the reaction to her viral audition tape for Gossip Girl.

Best known for playing Zuri Ross on Disney Channel shows Jessie and Bunk'd, Skai has also appeared in a number of other shows, including Dora the Explorer, Boardwalk Empire, Austin & Ally (as Zuri), and Marvel comic shows like the Marvel Rising series and Ultimate Spider-Man.

Like most actors, Skai will have auditioned for many shows over the course of her career. But somehow a video of her audition for the reboot of Gossip Girl leaked online over the weekend.

Some fans speculated that Skai's tape might have been for the role of Zoya Lott, which was eventually played by Whitney Peak.

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Skai Jackson responds to Gossip Girl audition tape
Skai Jackson responds to Gossip Girl audition tape. Picture: Getty / Unknown

While some defended Skai's performance in the audition tape, others mocked her acting skills. Here's the video (below) so you can judge for yourself.

Now Skai is clapping back at some of the negative reaction online, explaining that the tape was from four years ago, and that the script did not name Gossip Girl or a specific character.

Writing on her Twitter account yesterday (Dec 12), Skai wrote: "That tape was 4 and a half years old, they also gave me no description of character, project and said I was playing a younger age.

"Y’all tweets having me laughing tho. I have two movies coming out in 2023, it’s okay y’all"

At least Skai can see the funny side of the reaction.

What do you think of Skai's audition tape?

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