You can watch hundreds of horror movies online for free for a limited time

23 March 2020, 14:58

Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

Streaming platform Shudder is offering horror fans a free trial to watch their favourite scary movies whilst in self-isolation. Here's how to get it for yourself...

Self-isolators, assemble! So that's all of us, right? If you've already exhausted the content on Netflix and you're already done with waiting for Stranger Things production to start up again, you can now get spooky with a free trial of streaming platform, Shudder.

The clue is in the name, and the service is bringing all of the best horror movies, TV shows, podcasts and originals to one place in a bid to get people to stay indoors.

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Shudder has hundreds of horror movies, TV shows and podcasts.
Shudder has hundreds of horror movies, TV shows and podcasts. Picture: Dimension Films/Warner Bros

Usually priced at $4.99 a month (price reflected to your country's currency, so approx £4.30), Shudder have upped their usual 7-day free trial to 30 whole days with the code 'SHUTIN'.

To claim, just head to the Shudder website and select 'try 7 days free' before making an account and adding your payment details (don't forget to cancel if you don't want to be charged next month!), before entering the code in the provided box.

What can you watch on Shudder?

There's hundreds of titles on offer, including The Room, The Hills Have Eyes, Let The Right One In and Audition - but if you can't quite decide, the brand is offering self-isolation recommendations daily on Twitter under the hashtag #ShudderShutIn.

Quarantine recommendations so far include: One Cut of the Dead, The Dead Lands and MAGIC - a 70s psycho thriller about a toy doll starring notorious horror actor, Anthony Hopkins.

There's also lots of podcasts if you're more of a listening buff, including Shudder original, Darkest Night, a bi-annual audio drama that places the listener at the centre of a recovered memory that makes you feel like you're in the story in real time. Pretty damn spooky.

Whatever you decide to watch, each one is rated by scariness, so if you're looking for more Chucky than Silence Of The Lambs before you go to sleep, you're good to go.

Happy streaming!