Elite Short Stories recap: Here's what happens to Omar, Ander and Alexis

16 June 2021, 12:09

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Elite Historias Breves (or Elite Short Stories) is here! Here's what happens in episode 3 with Omar, Ander and Alexis – spoilers ahead!

Elite season 4 is almost here (Jun 18) but we have Elite Short Stories in the meantime and Omar Ander Alexis just came out.

For those of you who don't know, this week is Elite Week and Netflix are releasing four Elite Short Stories before season 4 is out on Friday. Each short story focuses on different characters and what they've been up to during their summer holidays. Yesterday (Jun 14), focused on Nadia and Guzmán and today is about Omar, Ander and a new character called Alexis.

With that in mind, here's what you need to know about what happens to Omar, Ander and Alexis in our recap of episode 3.

What happens in Elite Short Stories: Omar Ander Alexis?

Elite Short Stories episode 3 recap: Omar Ander Alexis
Elite Short Stories episode 3 recap: Omar Ander Alexis. Picture: Netflix

Part 1

Part 1 introduces us to Alexis. Alexis is a friend of Ander's, who he met during chemotherapy for his cancer treatment. He is also the guy Ander pretended to have an affair with so that Omar would break up with him when he originally got cancer. In the part, Ander and Omar visit Alexis in hospital and he tells them not to come back now that Ander is cancer-free.

Alexis also lets slip that Ander knew that Omar had a fling with Malick in season 3 when they were on a break. Omar feels awful about it but Ander says that he doesn't hold any grudges against him for it because of what he put Omar through. Ander and Omar then reconcile and promise never to tell each other anymore lies.

The part ends with Ander inviting Alexis to a party with Rebe so that he can enjoy life outside of the hospital.

Part 2

Part 2 is set at Rebe's and she quickly finds out that Ander and Omar are setting her up with Alexis. It doesn't take long for Alexis to realise that it's a setup too. When Rebe begins chatting with Alexis, he reveals that he is predicted to only have two/three months left to live. Rebe offers to have sex with him and Alexis says no but he's grateful for the offer.

Alexis later tells Ander that the chemo is not working and he's ready to stop it and prepare to die. Ander says that he won't let Alexis give up but Alexis claps back and says that Ander just feels guilty because he is now cancer-free. Alexis then asks Ander to let him die in peace.

Part 3

Part 3 opens with Ander visiting Alexis in hospital and revealing that he accepts Alexis' choice to stop chemo and won't try to persuade him otherwise. Alexis then officially files his papers to stop chemotherapy and he reveals to Ander that he knew he would die young when his father gave him a family ring he was meant to inherit at 18 when he was 17.

Alexis then asks Ander to close his eyes and picture him for the last time. Ander thinks he is joking but when he opens his eyes, Alexis is gone. However, Ander spots that Alexis has given him his family ring and the episode ends.

Based on the episode, it seems like Ander's cancer storyline is pretty much over going into season 4. It also looks like Omar and Ander are on good terms going into season 4. The specifics are yet to be confirmed but the trailer hints that the two of them will have a throuple storyline with new character Patrick (Manu Rios) in the new season.