Elite Short Stories recap: Are Nadia and Guzmán still together in season 4?

15 June 2021, 12:04

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By Sam Prance

Elite Historias Breves (Elite Short Stories) is here! Here's what happens in episode 2 with Nadia and Guzmán – spoilers ahead!

Elite season 4 drops this Friday (Jun 18) but Elite Short Stories is now airing on Netflix and episode 2 (Nadia Guzmán) is here.

As we've previously explained, this week is Elite Week and it involves four Elite Short Stories coming out on Netflix each day ahead of season 4. Each short story reveals what the main characters have got up to in the summer between season 3 and 4. Yesterday (Jun 14), focused on Guzmán, Caye and Rebe and today's episode is all about Nadia and Guzmán.

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With that in mind, here's everything you need to know about what happens to Nadia and Guzmán in our recap of episode 2.

Are Nadia and Guzmán still together?

Elite Short Stories: Are Nadia and Guzmán still together in season 4?
Elite Short Stories: Are Nadia and Guzmán still together in season 4? Picture: Netflix

Part 1

Part 1 begins with Nadia settling into her life in New York as Guzmán remains home. Nadia is invited back home to go to her sister's wedding but she reveals to her bother Omar that she doesn't want to attend the event because she doesn't want to see Guzmàn. She doesn't explain why but Omar agrees to invite Guzmán on a trip away that weekend.

However, when Omar invites Guzmán away, Guzmán reveals that he can't go because he's bought a ticket to see Nadia in New York at the same time. Omar then lets slip that Nadia didn't want to see him. Part 1 ends with Guzmán asking Nadia why she lied to him and the two of them having an unresolved argument over the phone.

Part 2

In Part 2, Nadia calls Guzmán and tells him that the reason she didn't want to see him is because she's just got used to her life in New York and she's worried that, if she sees him, she'll struggle to return because it hurts so much to be apart from him. Guzmán then offers to only speak on the phone when Nadia's back in Spain and she agrees.

However, at her sister's wedding, Nadia reveals to her siblings that she's actually not sure if she even still wants to be in a relationship with Guzmán and is worried that seeing him will confirm her fears. Nadia's sister then encourages her to be brave and see him so that they both know the truth.

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Part 3

In Part 3, Nadia surprises Guzmán by meeting him in person at a bar and he is overwhelmed with happiness to see her. The couple then agree to have a drink and watch the sunset together. Nadia then asks him to have an average date so that she doesn't miss him too much. Guzmán then points out that they haven't even kissed yet and they kiss.

Guzmán then takes Nadia to have a picnic by a lake and he calls Nadia the love of his life and Nadia, feeling uncomfortable, walks away. Later, Nadia tells him: "I was starting to fly and I feel like you won't let me." Guzmán asks if she wants to leave him and Nadia says: "No I want us to do what we need to do while we're apart."

It's open for interpretation but it seems like Nadia is either asking Guzmán to properly live their lives will apart or to have an open relationship. Guzmán replies: "I want you to fly Nadia." The episode then finishes with Nadia back in New York and Guzmán calling Nadia to catch up. It's unclear if Nadia answers him or not.

In other words, it looks like we'll have to watch season 4 to find out if Nadia and Guzmán stay together or not. Mina El Hammani, who plays Nadia, is only listed as a guest actress in season 4 so it's unclear how present she will be in the season.