Elite Short Stories: Here's what happens to Carla and Samuel

17 June 2021, 11:36

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Why did Carla and Samuel break up? Here's your recap of Elite Short Stories: Carla Samuel.

Elite season 4 is now just one day away from hitting our screens but before we get into that, there's one more Elite Short Stories (Elite Historias Breves) episode we need to discuss: Carla and Samuel.

In the final episode of the (sort-of) stand-alone series that all takes place before the events of Elite season 4, viewers are able to catch up with Carla (Ester Expósito) and Samuel (Itzan Escamilla) and their ill-fated relationship. At the end of season 3, the pair were back on speaking terms, with Carla just about to leave to study abroad.

But what happened to them over the summer? Did Samu actually go to visit her? Did Carla come back? Did Carla even go? Elite Short Stories answers all those questions – and here's your recap.

Are Carla and Samuel still together? Did they break up?

Carla and Samuel get back together in Elite Short Stories
Carla and Samuel get back together in Elite Short Stories. Picture: Netflix

The episode starts with Samu rushing to the airport to try and stop Carla from flying to London.

After she ignores his call, he does what any lovestruck human in a romantic comedy would do and ends up buying a ticket so he can go through security and find her at the boarding gate. Once he finds her, Samu asks Carla to stay but she insists that he will absolutely not (!) be able to change her mind. He thinks he's being romantic, she thinks he's being desperate.

Carla gives him 10 minutes to convince her before she gets on the plane but the airport staff reveal that there will now be a 7-hour delay to Carla's flight, which means Samu now has 7 hours to complete his mission – even though she is absolutely adamant that he! will! not! succeed!

Instead of waiting in the airport, Carla and Samu head back to his apartment where they end up playing a drinking game and having sex.

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As they're lying in bed, Samu delivers a line of dialogue that all those Hugh Grant and Colin Firth characters WISH they had thought of back in their rom-com days. After asking Carla to get the next flight so they have more time together, Samu says: "I could spend my life asking you to take the next flight. Every morning, I'm going to ask you to take the next flight."

But, the bubble soon bursts and the two trade barbs that clearly hurt one another, leaving Samu upset and prompting Carla to come clean. Guess what? Samu was right! She doesn't want to leave, and she wants him to ask her to stay!

Those seven hours eventually turn into one week. Carla did not get on the plane (yay!), and she is now staying in Samu's apartment (yay!). However, things don't always stay perfect in the world of Elite (boo!).

After Carla and Samu get into an argument at the Lake Club, Samu sends her a string of voice messages believing that she's packed her bags and left. He deletes them before she hears them but that night, Carla leaves Samu a voice message breaking up with him. She leaves the apartment, with Samu in bed listening to her message.

And that's it for Carla and Samu's love story. Ester Expósito will not be returning for Elite season 4 so it looks like Samu's upcoming storyline may play into the aftermath of his breakup with Carla. Guess we'll just have to wait until Friday June 18th to find out!

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