Selling Sunset's Maya Vander leaves show after having heartbreaking miscarriage

23 June 2022, 11:38

Selling Sunset's Maya Vander shares her guide to real estate

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Maya tragically delivered a stillborn baby boy named Mason in December.

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Selling Sunset's Maya Vander has reportedly left the Netflix series after suffering a miscarriage 10 weeks into her pregnancy only months after her heartbreaking stillbirth.

On Wednesday (June 22), Maya shared a statement on Instagram Stories alongside a photo of her son Aiden, three. The message read: "I had a very crazy week. Miscarriage after 10 weeks… following my stillbirth… but my kids and my husband are absolutely my blessing and I am so lucky to be their mother!!

"They bring joy and happiness to my life!! Hug and love the people you care about. Don’t take things for granted!"

In December 2021, Maya, who also shares a two-year-old daughter named Elle with her husband David Miller, sadly delivered a stillborn baby boy named Mason at 38 weeks.

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Is Maya Vander leaving Selling Sunset?
Is Maya Vander leaving Selling Sunset? Picture: Netflix, @themayavander via Instagram

Maya opened up about baby loss at the Selling Sunset season 5 reunion and said she hoped sharing her story would help other families.

"I was 38 weeks, and apparently, it was a freak accident. We got the autopsy report about a month ago. It was just a bad accident with the cord, mixed with some swallowed placenta, so…," Maya explained. "But I'm doing much better. I have my husband, he's amazing. My kids are great. They keep me going."

She continued: "I have two beautiful children, and I'm very lucky and thankful for that. But I also lost one. So that void is still there. I think part of my healing is... you know getting pregnant again and I really hope I will."

Following the tragic news, TMZ reported that Maya has left Selling Sunset. Although Netflix haven't officially confirmed that the show would return for a sixth season, given the popularity of the show it's likely it'll happen.

Producers had hoped Maya would return but the constant traveling between her husband and children, who are based in Miami, and The Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles has understandably put a strain on her.

Maya Vander suffers heartbreaking miscarriage
Maya Vander suffers heartbreaking miscarriage. Picture: @themayavander via Instagram

According to the publication, Maya has now decided to focus on her family and real estate ventures in Miami. She recently switched her real estate license and became a member of the Compass real estate firm, which can now been seen in her Instagram bio.

Maya also missed the recent MTV Movie Awards even though most of the other cast members were in attendance.

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