Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn and Emma Hernan's feud explained

24 November 2021, 14:50

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Who is Christine and Emma's ex-boyfriend? How is Heather involved? Here's what we know so far.

Gather 'round, real estate drama-obsessed children. Selling Sunset season 4 has finally landed on our screens and there's a whole host of new dramatic storylines, including one involving thee Christine Quinn and newcomer Emma Hernan.

Christine and Emma share a mutual ex-boyfriend. Christine maintains that her ex cheated on her with Emma, but Emma (and Mary!) say that Christine's versions of events aren't quite true. Christine's relationship with him was over before Emma started dating him, and Emma had no part in their breakup. (Mary knows this for a fact!)

The conflict between the two serves as Selling Sunset season's 4 main storyline. Mary and Heather are also involved, and somehow, someway, like always, Davina gets dragged into it too.

Here's your complete rundown of everything that went down between Christine, Emma and the Oppenheim Group girls.

Why are Christine Quinn and Emma Hernan feuding?

Selling Sunset: Christine and Emma's feud explained
Selling Sunset: Christine and Emma's feud explained. Picture: Netflix

Christine's side of the story...

In episode 2, Christine opens up to Vanessa how she feels about Emma coming back to Oppenheim to cover her listings while she's on maternity leave – and she is not happy about it!

Christine says that her messy history with Emma is all down to an ex-boyfriend who was allegedly dating Emma at the same time he was dating her. Christine says she caught her ex (who she dated for two-and-a-half years) red-handed, during the day, with Emma.

"He was at my house that morning," Christine says to Vanessa. "And he left, so I called my best friend, and here I see my boyfriend at the time walking with another girl and that happened to be Emma."

Later, in a one-to-one chat with Emma, Christine then reveals that she was apparently engaged to the guy, but no one knew about it. Not even Mary, who Christine was very close with at the time. (She did apparently tell Davina though... more on that later.)

Ultimately, Christine decides that she's over it, it doesn't matter, it's in the past, but the whole situation ends up spilling over into the breakdown of her friendship with Mary.

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Emma's side of the story...

In episode 4, Emma opens up about her side of the story: "I found out about [Christine] the day that I met her and it was not pleasant. I was leaving the gym with who I thought was my boyfriend and she pulled up with her friend and she was like 'Who the f*** is this?' and then started screaming 'This is my boyfriend.'"

Emma continues: "Her and her friend were banging on my windows, screaming and I didn't know what to do. I rolled down my window and she was just screaming bloody murder. And then he comes out and starts screaming at her that she's crazy ,and to leave me alone because I did nothing wrong."

Two months after the encounter with Christine, Emma and her ex got engaged. She says that it was the first time he had ever proposed to anyone but... Christine obviously says otherwise.

Selling Sunset: Christine and Emma discuss their ex-boyfriend
Selling Sunset: Christine and Emma discuss their ex-boyfriend. Picture: Netflix

Who is Christine Quinn and Emma Hernan's ex-boyfriend?

The name of this mysterious ex-boyfriend is never mentioned in the show, and after an in-depth social media deep dive, no other information has been found about him just yet. It doesn't look like his identity has been confirmed just yet.

How is Heather involved in this whole thing?

Well! Heather apparently also dated the same guy who was engaged to Emma and Christine. Christine reveals that shortly after she broke up with her ex, Heather started dating him.

In episode 8, Heather clarifies her involvement after she hears she's been dragged into the saga, saying: "It wasn't even a boyfriend, it was so short-lived." In the words of Heather, the whole thing is just "ir-fuckin'-relevant."

Aaand what has Davina got to do with any of this?

Christine dropped Davina right in it when she spoke to Emma at the dog party in episode 5.

Christine claims that Davina was the only one she told about her engagement to the mysterious ex-boyfriend but, as Mary points out, Davina wasn't even at the brokerage when it all happened. Mary also says that Christine dated the guy a year and a half before Davina even came around.

Davina then confirms to Emma and Mary that she didn't even know Christine back then. When Davina actually met Christine for the first time, she says that they had already broken up.

Davina then catches up with Christine and confesses that she didn't know what to say when confronted by the others because she wasn't there and hasn't got a clue what happened. Christine then bites back, questions Davina's loyalty and says that she hopes Davina has her back.

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Aaaaand that's where the story ends... for now.

Selling Sunset season 5 has already been renewed at Netflix, and it was filmed back to back with season 4 so Christine's conflict with Mary and Heather will no doubt continue. Will they ever patch up their former friendship? Will Christine fall out with Davina? We'll see...

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