6 moments that hinted Chrishell and Jason were secretly dating in Selling Sunset season 4

6 December 2021, 20:48

Selling Sunset's Chrishell Stause enjoys holiday in Capri with Jason Oppenheim after confirming relationship

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

How long have Chrishell and Jason been dating? The Selling Sunset co-stars' romance is set to be shown in season 5.

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Selling Sunset season 5 will feature Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim's relationship, but did you spot any hints that they were already dating in Selling Sunset season 4?

While their relationship was not shown, the two were in fact secretly dating at the time they filmed the last few episodes. In an interview with E News!, Chrishell revealed that she and Jason had been seeing each other for two months before they announced their relationship on Instagram in July 2021, shortly after filming wrapped.

Speaking to Grazia, Chrishell even wondered herself if producers had managed to catch any stolen glances or hints that they were getting together: "I’m curious if they caught anything before we knew [we’d end up together]... he really is my best friend. It was a surprise. I don’t think either of us was each other’s type before this."

Thankfully, we'll get to see Chrishell and Jason share their relationship with their co-workers in Selling Sunset season 5. But until then, here's all the little clues that hinted at Chrishell and Jason's romance throughout Selling Sunset season 4.

Selling Sunset season 5 will feature Chrishell and Jason's relationship
Selling Sunset season 5 will feature Chrishell and Jason's relationship. Picture: Netflix

Jason and Chrishell looking at each other while he was holding Christine's baby.

Based on the timeline, it seems like this moment was filmed either before the two were dating, or as they were in the very early stages of their relationship.

At one point, Jason slowly wanders over to Chrishell with baby Christian in his arms and the two smile at each other. Maybe just a cute moment between friends but it feels like this is what Chrishell might have been talking about when she mentioned the producers capturing those moments before they even knew they'd get together.

Davina saying Chrishell is Jason's "new favourite".

It could have been in reference to the running joke that Mary is usually Jason's favourite agent, but Davina low-key mentioning that Jason's attention has now turned to Chrishell, and Maya noting that Chrishell now spends more time with Jason, was definitely a hint to the viewers about their relationship.

Selling Sunset: Davina and Maya notice that Chrishell is Jason's new favourite agent
Selling Sunset: Davina and Maya notice that Chrishell is Jason's new favourite agent. Picture: Netflix

Jason's comment about Chrishell watching basketball.

Jason jokingly roasting Chrishell for saying she "knows" about basketball? "You watched like, 5 minutes of one game"? Textbook flirting. Text! Book! Obsessed with them.

Jason's glances when Chrishell laughs with Simu Liu.

In episode 6, Chrishell welcomes Marvel's Shang-Chi actor Simu Liu into the office, to help him find a house. Before he arrives, Chrishell mentions that she and Simu met on social media. When Maya asks if he was single, Chrishell says yes and then reveals that previously they went to dinner (platonically, we assume.)

The cut away shots to Jason intently watching on as the two chat and laugh like years-old friends, and then Jason breaking up their little moment and randomly saying he sold a house for $7 million? Cinema!

Selling Sunset: Jason watches Chrishell and Simu Liu talk in the office
Selling Sunset: Jason watches Chrishell and Simu Liu talk in the office. Picture: Netflix

Chrishell and Jason at the boat party.

Heather trying to set Chrishell up with Tarek's friend Robert in episode 7 was a total disaster. But Jason's reaction afterwards, when he told Chrishell that she looked hot, is probably the first major moment that knowing viewers clocked a little hint towards their blossoming IRL relationship.

Of course, Jason is usually always that complimentary and nice to his co-workers, but now it appears as though the two were in the early stages of seeing each other when this was filmed, it definitely hits different.

Chrishell's reaction to Heather asking if she's been on a date since the boat party.

Obviously, viewers who already knew about Chrishell and Jason's relationship would have been able to read between the lines on why Chrishell hesitated before giving Heather an answer. Her vague answer, avoiding the question around whether or not she's dating anyone, was also a dead give away.

"I feel like I'm just at the place where anything can happen, and sometimes it can come from an unexpected place," Chrishell said. The unexpected place literally being the Oppenheim Group office, obviously.

Selling Sunset: Chrishell hints at Jason romance to Heather
Selling Sunset: Chrishell hints at Jason romance to Heather. Picture: Netflix

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