The Selling Sunset cast finding out the meaning of Harry Styles' Watermelon Sugar is hilarious

24 November 2021, 17:19

Harry Styles addresses the meaning of ‘Watermelon Sugar’ with Zane Lowe

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Two years on and the meaning behind Harry Styles' Watermelon Sugar lyrics is still baffling people.

Selling Sunset season 4 is finally here and one of the funniest scenes involves Harry Styles and his hit 'Watermelon Sugar'.

Harry Styles fans will already know that 'Watermelon Sugar' has confused people ever since the singer first released it back in 2019. In the song, Harry Styles sings: "Tastes like strawberries on a summer evening / And it sounds just like a song." He then adds in the chorus: "I don't know if I could ever go without / Watermelon sugar high," which he repeats many times.

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Stars like Katherine Heigl have hilariously mistaken the meaning and now the Selling Sunset cast have done the same.

What does Watermelon Sugar mean?

The cast of Selling Sunset finding out the meaning Harry Styles' Watermelon Sugar is hilarious
The cast of Selling Sunset finding out the meaning Harry Styles' Watermelon Sugar is hilarious. Picture: Columbia Records, Netflix

Selling Sunset, for the Harry Styles fans out there who don't know, is a popular reality TV show on Netflix that follows one of the most successful property brokerages in LA. The show focuses on the real estate agents who work there as they sell the most expensive and luxurious homes in California. Not only that but there's also a whole lot of drama between them.

Now, how 'Watermelon Sugar' came into discussion in Selling Sunset season 4 is that The Oppenheim Group's new agent Emma brought up Harry Styles in a meeting in episode 5. She states: "And then I have my client Patrick, he's a billionaire from Singapore. He's flying in and he actually bought the house from Harry Styles, we're listing that."

Chrishell, one of the main agents, then jokingly quips: "Can I ask the important question did Harry Styles leave anything in the house or did he visit? Is he coming back?" The girls then realise that their bosses, Jason and Brett Oppenheim, don't know how Harry is.

Jason says: "He's a singer or something." The agents then exclaim: "One Direction!" and Maya, another agent, says: "He sings the song 'Watermelon' I think it's called?" Chrishell corrects Maya by saying: "'Watermelon Sugar'"

Confused, Maya asks: "But what is the point of 'Watermelon Sugar'? What is that? I never got it?" and Chrishell explains: "No, he's talking about how much he likes the taste of the orchid of a woman."

The scene ends with Amanza, one of their colleagues, saying: "Wait, so THAT'S the watermelon? And he likes the sugar?"


What has Harry Styles said about Watermelon Sugar?

Harry Styles explains what Watermelon Sugar is actually about

In an interview in 2019, Zane Lowe told Harry: "Watermelon Sugar, everyone's kind of figured out what it's about, the joys of mutually appreciated oral pleasure." Harry then smiled and responded: "Is that what it's about? I don't know." Zane added: "That's what everyone's saying. Always good to leave it open to interpretation," and Harry said: "Oh, yeah. Of course."

However, Harry has since confirmed the meaning. During his Love on Tour concert in Nashville, Harry introduced the song by saying: "This song is about... it doesn't really matter what it's about. It's about ummm, the sweetness of life." He then added: "It's also about the female orgasm but that's totally different... it's not really relevant."

In other words, Chrishell is totally correct.

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