Selling Sunset: Where is Amanza Smith's ex-husband Ralph Brown now?

25 November 2021, 12:58

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Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Here's all the details on Ralph Brown's disappearance.

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Selling Sunset is officially back on our screens and, yes, we binged the whole fourth season in one day.

As you know, the popular Netflix series focuses on the professional and personal lives of the real estate agents working at The Oppenhein Group. One of those agents is Amanza Smith, who joined the cast in season 3.

Amanza is a hardworking single mother who is finding her feet in the world of luxury real estate after previously working as an interior designer. In season 3, we see Amanza open up about her marriage to former NFL player Ralph Brown and see her battle to gain full custody of her children.

Whilst Ralph doesn't appear on the show, there's a lot of interest concerning his whereabouts after he was reported missing in 2019. Here's what we know about Ralph Brown.

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Where is Amanza Smith's ex-husband Ralph Brown now?

Where is Amanza Smith's ex-husband Ralph Brown now?
Where is Amanza Smith's ex-husband Ralph Brown now? Picture: Getty Images

Amanza married Ralph in a romantic ceremony in 2010. Sadly, the couple divorced two years later. Following the divorce, the two remained in contact for their two children, daughter Noah and son Braker, and Amanza has said that Ralph was a good father.

However, in 2019, Ralph went missing. On August 26, Ralph dropped his two kids off at school and then vanished. In September 2019, Ralph told Amanza that he "did not have the stability nor finances to keep the kids". She claims that he had not paid child support in more than five years.

Amanza then filed a missing person's report and hired a private investigator in a bid to track him down and it's thought that he is very much alive, but does not want to be found. Amanza reached out to his family members too but never received a response. Meanwhile, Ralph's best friend and former teammates have said they also have not heard from him.

In September, Amanza was granted sole legal and physical custody of her two children during a legal hearing. In a statement to E! News, Amanza said: "I'm relieved that this long process is over, it's been incredibly hard on me and especially the children.

"We will never be 'over' the absence of their father," she continued, "but hopefully we can move forward in a more positive way now that we are unhindered by the legal obstacles that prevented me from making the decisions that are best for us as a family of three."

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