Sebastian Stan says Gossip Girl creates the best serial killers | PopBuzz Meets

18 March 2022, 16:38

Sebastian Stan Talks Gossip Girl Serial Killers & FRESH Sequel With Daisy Edgar-Jones

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan open up about Fresh, fancying serial killers and whether they would do a sequel.

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Sebastian Stan has revealed that he thinks Gossip Girl makes the best serial killers in a brand new interview with PopBuzz.

Today (Mar 18), Fresh officially comes out on Disney+. The film stars Daisy Edgar-Jones as Noa, a young woman unlucky in love, and Sebastian Stan as Steve, the man who Noa thinks might actually be the one to end her streak of terrible dates. However, all is not as it seems and it turns out that Steve is not the charming, loveable man he first appears to be.

In honour of the film's UK release, we caught up with Sebastian and Daisy to get their thoughts on Noa going on a weekend away with Steve, and the similarities between Steve and You's Joe Goldberg.

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Sebastian Stan says Gossip Girl creates the best serial killers | PopBuzz Meets
Sebastian Stan says Gossip Girl creates the best serial killers | PopBuzz Meets. Picture: Hulu, PopBuzz, Netflix

Responding to the criticisms of Noa going away with Steve, Daisy defended Noah. She said: "It's funny that people would judge Noa for going away with Steve but not judge Steve for what he does to Noa. I think Noa does everything right. She takes all the social cues. She tells her friend. He shouldn't have done what he did. It's not her fault."

Meanwhile, as to how Sebastian feels about people thirsting over Steve and other characters like him, Sebastian simply said: "I'm worried. I'd be worried." He also reacted to the viral comparisons between Steve and You's Joe Goldberg by agreeing and joking: "Well, you see Gossip Girl does produce the best serial killers."

Sebastian, of course, previously worked alongside Penn Badgley, who plays Joe in You, in Gossip Girl. Penn was Dan Humphrey and Sebastian was Carter Baisen.

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Daisy and Sebastian also revealed that they would be up for a Fresh sequel. Daisy said they could do it with a plot "where maybe Molly and Noa take down the big group of guys" behind Steve's work. Sebastian added: "I would want to see a sequel of Noa and Molly where they team up - very Tinder Swindler."

Watch the video above to find out more about Daisy and Sebastian's Fresh experience and what their wildest audition stories are.