Riverdale season 7 will take place in 1950's with the cast playing teenagers again

2 August 2022, 16:02

Cheryl and Veronica kiss in Riverdale season 6 finale trailer

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Riverdale season 6 ended with the characters giving their superpowers to Cheryl so that she could save the town.

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Just when you thought that Riverdale couldn't get any wilder, they will now be bringing time travel into the show in season 7.

If you haven't watched Riverdale in a while, you've missed out on a lot. Over the course of the past season alone, Archie and Betty have developed actual superpowers, Cheryl was possessed by an ancestor who was burned at the stake for being a witch, and recently, Sabrina returned to Riverdale and brought her dead boyfriend Nick back to life in Jughead's body.

On Sunday (Jul 31), the Riverdale season 6 finale aired and it looks like the show's final season is about to get even weirder.

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Riverdale season 7 will start in the 1950s with the cast playing teenagers again and honestly WTF
Riverdale season 7 will start in the 1950s with the cast playing teenagers again and honestly WTF. Picture: The CW

Riverdale season 6 ends in suitably bizarre fashion. At the end of the season a comet heads towards Riverdale and, the only way to stop it, is by everyone slicing their palms open and giving their powers (the whole town has powers now) to Cheryl. Cheryl then absorbs their powers and blasts the comet to pieces. However, there's a catch and it involves time travel.

Yes. Following Cheryl's heroic actions, Riverdale, and everyone in it, has been transported back to October 1st, 1955, the day after James Dean died. If that weren't strange enough, no one can remember the real Riverdale except for Jughead Jones and Archie, Betty and the rest of our faves are back to being teenagers again.

Essentially it's giving WandaVision and it's now been confirmed that Riverdale season 7 will begin in 1955 and stay there for multiple episodes. Discussing it with Decider, showrunner Roberto Aguirre Sacasa said: "I think our characters, whether they’re conscious or not, have an emotional memory of what they’ve been through… It is still in continuity."

Archie and Betty also propose to each other in the finale and, if you think that's it for fans of Varchie and Bughead, Roberto has teased: "Ooh! That’s a good question. I think I have to say, stay tuned for Season 7. Stay tuned for Season 7."

As for how the LGBTQ+ characters are going to cope in the 50s, Roberto said: "It’s going to be very different. They’re going to be closeted. They’re going to have to be finding different ways to connect with each other. We talked a lot about Choni. We talked a lot about Kevin and Moose. What do their lives look like in the ’50s, when you couldn’t be out and proud."

When asked how long the show will be in the 50s, Roberto replied: "We haven’t ironed it out. On the last day of shooting, I was chatting with Lili [Reinhart] and she was saying, 'Oh, it’s so exciting to be in the fifties.' And I’m like, 'Yes, settle in.' And she was like, 'We’re gonna be here for long?' And I’m like, 'Yep, we’re gonna be here for a while.'"

Roberto also let slip that some fans faves could return in season 7. He stated: "My hope is that we see people we haven’t seen return to Riverdale in good, juicy story arcs. That it’s a celebration and a reunion for everyone that’s been a part of Riverdale, and worked so hard to make the show as special as it was."

As for Falice shippers, he ended by saying: "I would love, love, love, love, love to have Skeet [Ulrich] back. I would, and I know everyone would, so my hope is that we can make that happen this season."

Riverdale is scheduled to return to The CW to begin its final season on March 29th.

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