Riverdale season 5 renewed at The CW

7 January 2020, 21:20

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Riverdale season 5 wish list: Give Toni Topaz a backstory. End of list.

Well, it's happening... Riverdale has officially been renewed for a fifth season by The CW. Yes, kids. Season 5 is coming – and who knows what is gonna happen to our faves!

Announced today (Jan 7), Riverdale was given an early renewal from The CW alongside several other scripted shows from the network. No other details about the start date were released but it's safe to say that the show will return for its fifth season at some point in October 2020.

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Riverdale is currently airing season 4, and the cast are still shooting the second half of the season. While it's far too early to start predicting what's going to happen in season 5, we can take a good guess that next season might have something to do with the gang heading off to college...

Riverdale season 5 has been confirmed at The CW
Riverdale season 5 has been confirmed at The CW. Picture: The CW

So, now we have that confirmation, what's gonna happen in Riverdale season 5 then?

Well, the big question is - will we be staying in Riverdale with our characters or will they be heading to college? With season 4 following the core four and the rest of the gang through senior year, we'll probably see everyone most of them graduate at the end of the season. But then what?

Will they be taking gap years? Will the murder and the drama follow them to their respective college of choice? Will they end up skipping college altogether and staying put in their lil' hometown that has no good lighting, one restaurant and where almost every grown adult is out to kill them? Will there be a time jump? Who knows!

There's also the other big question that fans are anxious to hear confirmation on too... Will Cole Sprouse be returning for Riverdale season 5? Assuming Jughead's big murder mystery plot line from season 4 doesn't actually end up in his genuine death, it's likely that Cole will return for another season. But, until that season finale hits, we guess we'll just have to sit patiently and wait to find out...

More information about season 5 will no doubt make its way into our laps soon but until then, we have just one very important thing to say: Give Toni Topaz a backstory. Please and thank you. Bye.