10 huge details and clues from Riverdale season 4 trailer you might've missed

12 September 2019, 17:03

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Did you notice Fred's truck being escorted back into Riverdale by Archie and FP? Yeah, I'm already crying.

At long last, the Riverdale season 4 trailer dropped straight into our laps and it has left us with sooooo many questions.

As promised, the season teases more football, more friendship, the aftermath of The Farm's ascension and a glimpse into the big ol' Jughead mystery that was dropped on us at the end of season 3. (He's gone missing now?! In Fox Forest?! FFS!)

It doesn't, as many fans have noticed and commented on, feature much footage from episode 1, which is the Luke Perry/Fred Andrews tribute episode. There may be a couple of blink and you'll miss it moments but other than that, it seems like Riverdale is holding all that back for October 9th.

The trailer features snippets from the first few episodes of the season, which means there's several clues and details to uncover. So let's take a deep dive, shall we?

Here's all the clues and spoilers you might have missed in the Riverdale season 4 trailer:

Riverdale season 4 trailer: All the clues and details
Riverdale season 4 trailer: All the clues and details. Picture: The CW

When did Jughead go missing?

Led by FP, you can spot Betty, Kevin, Cheryl, Toni, Archie, Veronica, Reggie and Jellybean with Hot Dog on a leash in the background of the ANNOYINGLY DARK search party scene.

So far, the cast have only filmed the first few episodes of the season so Jughead goes missing pretty early on in the season. However, it's entirely possible that this scene is actually a flash forward, as the season's mystery builds up to that night with Archie, Veronica and Betty in front of the fire.


There's something weird going on at Cheryl's house.

Can't Cheryl and Toni just enjoy a peaceful night in bed without something going bump on the grounds of Thistlehouse for ONCE? Also, what is she hitting?


Who hit Betty over the head with a gun?!

While Betty is on a sleuth and standing in front of a school bus, she gets hit over the head by a woman wearing a hat and carrying a gun.

Despite fan speculation saying that it's Gladys (defo seems like something she'd do, tbh), Gina Gershon doesn't seem to have been back on set since she left in season 3.

It could be Penny Peabody but then again, the person in question has brown or reddish hair... Considering episode 3 will be an action packed episode that focuses on the Farm, could it be Evelyn Evernever?


Farm HQ is now a crime scene...

The location of Edgar Evernever's organ harvesting cult crimes is now the subject of an FBI investigation.


And whatever Betty and Charles have just discovered has got them SHOOK.

Standing next to Betty in this shot is her half-brother, Charles Smith, who is leading the investigation into their mother's - and the rest of the Farmies' - whereabouts. And whatever they've just discovered will no doubt be absolutely nuts.

(Betty also seems to be wearing the same purple sweater as the one she's wearing in the scene where she gets knocked out... so maybe she really does get whacked by a Farmie?


Cheryl and Toni are now part of La Bonne Nuit's performance team.



Betty is still living at Veronica's house.

Despite FP, Jughead and Jellybean still living in her old house, it looks like Betty is still shacked up with Veronica, as she was at the end of season 3. Well, that or everyone is now treating the parent-free Lodge apartment as the new sex bunker?


It looks like Fred's truck is escorted back home to Riverdale.

In the final episodes of season 3, Luke Perry's absence was explained by Fred being out of town. It looks like Fred's death could have happened outside of Riverdale, as it appears as though his truck is brought back home. The small procession is lead by FP in his Sheriff's car, followed by Archie and Veronica in the second car, with Fred's truck following behind.

Fred truck is escorted back through Riverdale
Fred truck is escorted back through Riverdale. Picture: The CW

The scene of Archie crying seems to be when he finds out what happened to Fred.

The scene of Archie crying in the trailer appears to be from the scene in which Shannen Doherty's character tells him about what happened to Fred. Entertainment Weekly shared an exclusive image of the scene, which you can see here.

While episode 1 takes place over one day, it's unclear if the picture of Archie hugging Mary is from the same scene too.

Archie and Mary Andrews in Riverdale season 4 episode 1
Archie and Mary Andrews in Riverdale season 4 episode 1. Picture: The CW

Jughead gets buried alive?!

Jug - we assume?! - is wearing a suit with a red tie so this clearly happens after some sort of event, right? Or is that his new school uniform?

Could his new prep school classmates have buried him as a prank? Or are we looking at something more dramatic? Like Penny Peabody's Big Revenge Attack™? OR... Is this another flash forward? It doesn't look like he's wearing his hat in the scene either which might just bring us full circle to the season 3 beanie burning moment.

It looks like Jughead is buried alive in Riverdale season 4
It looks like Jughead is buried alive in Riverdale season 4. Picture: The CW