Does Devi get into Princeton in Never Have I Ever season 4? Her college storyline explained

8 June 2023, 15:44

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Devi is desperate to study at Princeton University but Fabiola throws a spanner in the works in Never Have I Ever season 4.

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Devi applies to Princeton University in Never Have I Ever season 4. Does she get in though? What does she do after school?

Never Have I Ever season 4 picks up right where season 3 leaves off. It's Devi's final year at Sherman Oaks and it's time for her to apply to college. Devi has her eyes set solely on Princeton. Throughout the season, she does everything she can to get into the prestigious university. She even makes a choice to apply only to Ivy League colleges without any backups.

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Like any university application, there's no guarantee that Devi will get in, even with her excellent grades. So what happens and why does Fabiola potentially get in the way of Devi's dream? Here's a full breakdown of Devi's university journey.

Where does Devi go to college in Never Have I Ever?

Does Devi get into Princeton in Never Have I Ever season 4? Her college storyline explained
Does Devi get into Princeton in Never Have I Ever season 4? Her college storyline explained. Picture: Netflix

At the start of Never Have I Ever season 4, Devi's teachers feel positive that she will get into Princeton University. However, it looks less likely when Devi makes a bad impression on the Princeton University admissions representative at the college fair. Devi manages to win her over in the end and applies for early admission at Princeton but she gets deferred.

As a result, Devi decides to build on her application by becoming an equipment manager for the Sherman Oaks swim team. She also applies to other Ivy League colleges just in case Princeton say no to her. Devi later finds out that Princeton have waitlisted her application and all of the other universities have rejected her application.

Devi finds out that to get into Princeton she now needs to write another, more personal essay. After feeling as though all hope is lost, she eventually writes about how her late father shaped who she is and this essay gets her into Princeton.

At the end of the season, Devi has begun studying at Princeton, she's dating Ben and the world is her oyster.

Does Fabiola get into Princeton?
Does Fabiola get into Princeton? Picture: Netflix

Does Fabiola get into Princeton?

While Devi is applying for Princeton, Fabiola's mother persuades her to apply to Ivy League colleges. When Devi is deferred, Fabiola gets into Princeton. Fab originally tries to keep it a secret from Devi out of fear over how she will react but the truth comes out. Devi is originally upset but quickly becomes supportive of Fab and the idea of them becoming roomies.

Nevertheless, Fab realises that it was never actually her dream to go to Princeton. Instead, she wants to study robotics at Howard University. Devi is once again supportive and the season ends with Fab thriving at Howard. Meanwhile, Eleanor takes classes in directing and starts filming her own movies. Pretty legendary if you ask me!

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