Never Have I Ever co-creator confirms Devi and Paxton's romance is not over yet

16 August 2022, 17:33

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"The love triangle's not done."

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Never Have I Ever season 3 was a rollercoaster from start to finish in terms of Devi Vishwakumar's love life. And based on the latest teasers for what's ahead in season 4? It's only going to get even more wild.

The first episode of season 3 shows Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) and Paxton (Darren Barnet) together as a couple. Officially. They've gone public, it's going well (ish) but after a few weeks, Devi starts feeling insecure and jealous. They end their relationship after Paxton tells Devi that he really likes her but: "I don’t think we can have a real relationship until you like yourself."

After waiting three seasons to see Daxton make it official, fans were understandably upset to see them break up so soon.

Now, co-creator Lang Fisher has revealed why Devi and Paxton had to break up, and has also teased that their romantic journey is not actually over just yet. Yep... there might be more Daxton on the way after all.

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Never Have I Ever season 3: Devi and Paxton's romance is not over
Never Have I Ever season 3: Devi and Paxton's romance is not over. Picture: Netflix

Explaining why Devi and Paxton's relationship didn't last every long, Lang Fisher told Entertainment Weekly: "She and Paxton didn't last long because she wasn't able to believe that she deserved it."

"Teenagers are so tender and afraid of being vulnerable that everyone operates from a defensive place. That is truly the impetus for this storyline because I think everyone, at least in our writers' room, was like, 'Yeah, I was a maniac and there was no way I could possibly ever have a reasonable relationship [at that age] because I was just too insecure.'"

But, there may still be hope on the horizon for all the Daxton shippers out there yet. While the final episode of season 3 hinted that Devi might no longer feel the same way about Paxton now, Lang confirmed that the love triangle is far from over.

Never Have I Ever season 4: Devi love triangle with Paxton and Ben is not over
Never Have I Ever season 4: Devi love triangle with Paxton and Ben is not over. Picture: Netflix

If you've finished Never Have I Ever season 3, then you'll know that Paxton is about to leave Sherman Oaks and head off to college in Arizona. (You'll also know that Devi and Ben hooked up in the finale scene.)

Fans needn't worry though, as it's been confirmed that Darren Barnet will be back in action as Paxton in season 4, and will appear in it as much as he does in season 3.

It's not clear whether he'll come back to Sherman Oaks, or if Devi and the gang will visit him in Arizona but what we do know is this: The love triangle between Devi, Paxton and Ben is far from over.

"The love triangle's not done," Lang told EW. "In season 4, it continues onward. But I think the part that is done is seeing him as this unattainable dream of a hunk. He is no longer that, and they can be more like peers going forward."

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