Sex Education season 3 trailer teases dramatic Otis and Maeve rain kiss

7 September 2021, 13:37

Watch the Sex Education season 3 trailer

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Are Otis and Maeve about to kiss in the rain?! ARE OTIS AND MAEVE ABOUT TO KISS?! IN THE RAIN?!

The Sex Education season 3 trailer just dropped and it looks like big things are about to happen for everyone at Moordale High School!

Sex Education season 3 is set to come out on Netflix on September 17th, and will usher in a new era for all our faves.

In and amongst all the romance, sex, hook ups, STIs, pregnancies and relationship drama, Moordale High is set to under go a massive transformation. After bagging a reputation for being "The Sex School," a new headteacher arrives to straighten everyone up. All the students will now have to wear drab grey school uniforms, walk in single file in the corridors and sit through some absolutely cringe sex education lessons.

But what's in store for our favourite couples? And what's all this about Otis and Maeve looking like they're about to kiss? Here's all the details from the Sex Education season 3 trailer...

Sex Education season 3 trailer
Sex Education season 3 trailer. Picture: Netflix

First of all, Eric and Adam are now in an official relationship and are taking things to the next level as a public couple as well as sexually.

Then, Otis (who has been attempting to grow a moustache all summer) and Ruby (we know that perfectly-manicured-with-stiletto-acrylic-nails hand anywhere!) appear to be "joining forces" in the sex clinic toilets. And by joining forces, we mean probably, maybe, definitely hooking up...

Aimee is having a bit of a personal crisis this season, and her friendship with Maeve looks like it takes a bit of a stumble. She also seeks advice from Jean Milburn, saying "I just wanna be the old me again."

Speaking of Jean, she's preggers and while it's not confirmed that she's officially back with Jakob, the two are seen sharing a passionate, steamy kiss.

Elsewhere, there seems to be chemistry between Jackson and new student Cal (played by newcomer Dua Saleh), Lily looks a bit sad about something aaaaaand of course, there's the Maeve and Otis of it all.

Otis has been avoiding Maeve all summer by the sounds of things, after having his "heart broken". But the pair eventually do patch up parts of the friendship, enough for Otis to give Maeve a lift on his bike at one point.

The trailer ends with the two of them standing opposite each other, soaked from the rain, breathing heavily... Will they kiss? WILL THEY!?

Sex Education season 3 will be released on Netflix on September 17th.

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