Sex Education fans are furious over who Otis ends up with in season 3

21 September 2021, 12:13

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Are you team Maeve or team Ruby in the Sex Education season 3 love triangle?

Sex Education viewers are furious over which character Otis ends up dating in season 3 of the beloved Netflix teen drama.

Ever since Sex Education first came out on Netflix in 2019, there have been hints that Otis and Maeve could possibly end up together. The two characters become unlikely friends after setting up an underground school sex clinic together and it soon becomes clear that they have romantic feelings for each other.

In season 2, Otis actually confesses his love to Maeve via voicemail. However, she never hears it. Isaac, who is also in love with Maeve, deletes the message. As a result, Otis and Maeve don't get together, leaving both characters open to having new relationships.

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At the start of season 3, Otis and Ruby begin seeing each other and fans are unhappy with how the season ends.


Sex Education fans are furious over how the Otis, Maeve and Ruby love triangle ends
Sex Education fans are furious over how the Otis, Maeve and Ruby love triangle ends. Picture: Netflix

After initially just hooking up, Otis and Ruby begin dating and it soon becomes clear that they have great chemistry together and really care for each other. Ruby eventually tells Otis that she loves him. However, Otis doesn't say it back and he ends up breaking up with Ruby because he is still in love with Maeve. Otis and Maeve then end up getting together for real.

Fans are now upset that Otis and Maeve end up together because they loved the relationship between him and Ruby. One person tweeted: "Sorry to say but Otis and Maeve ship is outdated now, we want Otis and Ruby back together in #SexEducation season 4 please."

Antoher person also pointed our how many firsts they shared: "Otis' first time was with ruby, ruby’s first time falling in love was with otis, otis first time being carefree and not uptight was with ruby, ruby’s first time letting her guard down and sharing her family was with otis."

Although Maeve and Otis end up together in season 3, the season officially ends with Maeve going off to study in America. In other words, it's possible that they aren't actually endgame and Ruby and Otis could get together again.

Are you team Ruby or team Maeve?