Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3 ending explained: How time travel will affect season 4

25 January 2020, 13:15

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Who dies in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3? Here's what the big Sabrina time travel twist means going into season 4...

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3 is finally here and the ending is every bit as wild and shocking as you would expect.

Just like the original trailer teased, part 3 sees Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka) do everything she possibly can to get her boyfriend Nick Scratch (Gavin Leatherwood) back from Hell. It also sees Sabrina find a new foe in self-proclaimed Prince of Hell Caliban (Sam Corlett). Not to mention, pagans arrive in Greendale and the fate of the town becomes unclear.

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Toward the end of the season, a lot of storylines come to a climax and things...happen. Big things. Big dramatic things. Things that will surely have implications and repercussions for what's going to happen in season 4.

So, how does Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3 end? Who dies? And seriously, what is going to happen in season 4?

How does Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3 end?

Sabrina season 3: Time travel ending explained
Sabrina season 3: Time travel ending explained. Picture: Netflix

WARNING: There are MAJOR spoilers ahead for the season 3 finale of Sabrina.

Do not scroll ahead unless you've seen the episode! Seriously! You've been warned!

Ok? Ok. let's discuss...


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3 finale begins with everyone dead except for Ambrose. Sabrina is also entombed in Hell for eternity after being tricked by Caliban. We're told that the Pagans defeated the witches and it seems like all hope is lost for both Hell and Earth.

At the start of the episode, we see that Sabrina is awakened from her eternal slumber by...Sabrina. Yep, there's two Sabrinas now. Her mission, if she chooses to accept it, is to use the three Unholy Regalia items to travel back in time and stop the events that lead to the end of both realms. Once she's completed that mission, she is to return to Hell and switch places with the other Sabrina, closing the time loop.

She leaves Hell with the three items and finds a post-apocalyptic Ambrose. With the help of Blackwood's egg, Sabrina then uses the items to create a Morningstar and travels back to the moment just before Blackwood arrived at the Spellman house.

It's essentially Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Endgame with a bit of Back To The Future thrown in for good measure.

Sabrina is able to stop Father Blackwood from killing Prudence and the rest of the witches by warning Mambo Marie and Ambrose that he's coming. She then stops the Pagans from killing Harvey, Ros, Theo and Robin by hiding them all Dorian's Grey room.

Everyone is accounted for except Aunt Hilda, who is still dead. Zelda then brings everyone back to the Spellman house and together, they all call on Hecate to successfully resurrect Hilda.

Hilda and Zelda then form a plan to put the town to sleep so that no-one attends the Pagan festival. The witches then use glamours to trick the Pagans and kill them all so that they can never overthrow Greendale.

Finally, all is well in the new timeline except for one thing. Sabrina still needs to stop Caliban in Hell...

Sabrina is now officially Queen of Hell...
Sabrina is now officially Queen of Hell... Picture: Netflix

This is where things get a bit confusing. Sabrina goes back to hell to warn Past Sabrina of Caliban's trick. In doing so, Caliban stays trapped.. Problem solved.

However, the two Sabrinas decide not to merge timelines. They decide to let the old Sabrina stay and become Queen of Hell so that the other Sabrina can return to Greendale and not have to go back to Hell.

So, now two Sabrinas continue to exist – one in Hell and one on Earth. No one knows about this except for Ambrose, who is very concerned that Sabrina has now created a time paradox that will have horrifying ramifications. Classic 'Brina.

But now we're left with one big burning question: If the Original Sabrina was basically dead and entombed forever in the original timeline, where did the new Sabrina even come from? If everyone except Ambrose was dead, who conjured her? How did she even create the time loop in the first place?

Was it... God? Will we finally be heading to Heaven in Part 4?

In an interview with TV Guide, creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa teased that the paradox twin situation will play a huge role in season 4, and things will absolutely not go well.