Elite season 3 ending explained: What happens to each character?

13 March 2020, 17:35

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

How does Elite season 3 end? Here's what happens to the students of Las Encinas in the shocking finale.

Elite season 3 may have only just dropped on Netflix but fans are already crying over what happens in the emotional ending.

It's no secret that Elite is an international phenomenon. People can't get enough of the messy, teen students of Las Encinas. In season 1, viewers were gripped by the mystery of who killed Marina, in season 2, we were desperate to find out who was responsible for Samuel disappearing and season 3 draws the characters' story to a close as we find out who killed Polo.

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Earlier this week (Mar 10), the Elite cast confirmed the rumours that season 3 is the final season with the original cast so the pressure for the creators to end it well was high. Thankfully, they do just that. Not only is the ending surprising and moving but it also gives each character their own special send-off. With that in mind, here's exactly how Elite season 3 ends.


Elite season 3 ending explained: What happens to each character?
Elite season 3 ending explained: What happens to each character? Picture: Netflix

First things first, Elite season 3 ends by revealing exactly who killed Polo. It all culminates with Lu, drunk, confronting Polo in the club bathroom with a cracked champagne bottle neck. She blasts him for ruining the lives of everyone she loves and he tells her that no one loves her. Upset, Lu pushes Polo against a wall and she accidentally stabs him with the bottle neck.

Lu tells him in shock that she is sorry. Polo understanding, having killed Marina accidentally himself, says he knows. He then stumbles out of the bathroom, crashes into a window on the second floor of the club and falls to his death. Guzmán runs to him and, in sudden grief at the sight of his friend dying, says that he forgives him. Polo takes his last breath and dies.

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Lu explains to Samuel, Guzmán, Ander, Omar, Carla, Valerio, Rebeca and Cayetana what happened and they agree to cover it up. They coat the bottle neck with all their fingerprints, including Polo's, before the police arrive. Unable to find a suspect, the police deduce that Polo killed himself and Polo's parents tell the police that he confessed to Marina's murder.

How does Elite season 3 end for each character?

Elite season 3 ends with Nadia and Lu going to study at New York in Columbia, having won a joint scholarship together. The girls have become close friends since Lu's family disowned her over her incest with Valerio. Meanwhile, Guzmán and Nadia promise to wait for each other while they're apart and Omar and Nadia's dad finally accepts openly that Omar is gay.

Omar is supposed to join Nadia and Lu in New York with his new love interest Malick, who originally dated Nadia. In season 3, Omar and Ander split, after Ander gets cancer and pretends to have cheated oh Omar so that he doesn't have to watch him die. At the airport, Omar decides he can't leave Ander. They reunite and Ander tells him he is in remission.

Elsewhere, Carla's ex, Yeray, saves her family's wineries on the condition that she manages them instead of her father. She then gives the business to Valerio so that she can study abroad and, having finally made up with Samuel, she asks him to visit him and bring macaroni.

Rebeca confronts her mother and tells her stop being involved in crime or she will leave her. Polo's parents offer to pay for Cayetana to go to university but she declines and says she wants to earn her own money and go to university without the help of rich people.

Finally, we see that Guzman, Samuel and Rebeca have been allowed back into Las Encinas to retake their final year after originally being expelled for hacking Polo's social media and dealing drugs. Ander is also back following his cancer and Omar joins them.

The final shot shows Cayetana mopping the hallway behind them, seemingly having become the school cleaner like her mother used to be. It's a bittersweet ending. Even with all of the show's fave ships intact, there is still a societal class struggle.

With season 4 set to feature a brand new cast, it's unclear if it will be set in Las Encinas or a brand new school. Not to mention, it's unknown if any of the original cast will appear in any capacity.

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