Who plays Valerio on Elite? Jorge López arrives as Lu's half-brother in season 2

7 September 2019, 16:33

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

You may know the Elite Valerio actor, Jorge López, from 'Soy Luna' and 'Wake Up'. The Chilean actor plays Lu's brother–a bad boy whose taboo attraction to his sister fuels some of Elite season 2's most dramatic moments.

Elite season 2 arrived on Netflix September 6 and the eight new episodes focused on the disappearance of Samuel. The hugely talented cast welcomed some notable newcomers to its ranks. Georgina Amorós joined as mysterious new girl Cayetana and Chilean actor Jorge López stirred the pot playing Lu's half brother Valerio.

Valerio is a wild child and very fond of drugs and partying. He's also a little too fond of his sister, Lu. Though Lu tries to keep her distance, the two are drawn to each other and the taboo incest storyline stirs up trouble for them and the other members of the Elite group.

So, who is Jorge López, the 27-year-old actor who plays Valerio? Here's what you need to know about the character and the actor behind him.

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Warning: Elite season 2 spoilers ahead.

Valerio and Lu Elite
Valerio and Lu Elite. Picture: Netflix screenshot

How are Valerio and Lu related?

Lu and Valerio are half brother and sister. Valerio repeatedly stresses the "half" part, perhaps to lessen the severity of the situation. Lu and Valerio have the same father and she is one year older than him. Their upbringing is never thoroughly explained, and it's unclear whether the two grew up together or simply came in and out of each others lives.

At the start of season 2, it is explained that Valerio is back in Lu's life (and house) after being sent away by their father. Valerio is frequently sent away because of his drug use and partying ways. Now that he is back, Valerio is seemingly obsessed with pursuing a romantic coupling with his sister.

Lu and Guzman are together at the start of this season 2 but Valerio plots many ways to break his sister and her boyfriend up. His plots includes trying to make her jealous as well as giving her damaging footage of Guzman and Nadia having sex.

In the end, despite Lu's desperation to keep their relationship a secret, Valerio is the one who outs them–partly because he disagrees with Lu distributing the sex video of Nadia and Guzman.

Lu Valerio Elite season 2 Netflix
Lu Valerio Elite season 2 Netflix. Picture: Netflix

What others shows has Elite's Jorge López been in before?

If you loved Jorge in Elite season 2, you might be interested in the other shows he's been in. Jorge appeared as Ramiro Ponce in 3 seasons of the Argentine Disney Channel show Soy Luna. He also played Iris in 2018's Wake Up.

Jorge López is also a dancer as well as an actor.

Does Elite's Jorge López have an Instagram?

Yes! And he's also on Twitter. If you join the nearly 3 million other people following the actor on Instagram, you're in for a treat. Jorge's Instagram has everything–vacation snaps, iconic selfies, and even some photos with his Elite co-stars.

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