Sex Education fans are losing it over Otis' masturbation scene in season 2

18 January 2020, 09:10

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Asa Butterfield explains exactly how they filmed that scene, and Gillian Anderson shares a look at the props used to create... THAT moment.

After a years wait, Sex Education is finally back in our lives and all sorts of sexual shenanigans and mishaps are once again going down at Moordale High.

Sex Education season 2 follows up from where we left off. Maeve is still reeling from Otis and Ola's new relationship, she's been expelled from school, Eric is trying to move on from the whole Adam thing and the other students are all dealing with their own issues too...

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As you may recall in season one, our dear Otis Milburn also struggled with his inability to masturbate. And at the start of season 2, we see that he has most definitely...overcome...that issue. Yes, Otis masturbates now! A lot! So much so that season 2 opens with an epic wanking montage. (Truly a sentence I never thought I would type.)

Sex Education season 2's opening scene is hilarious
Sex Education season 2's opening scene is hilarious. Picture: Netflix

The first episode of season 2 opens with a hilarious montage that sees Otis masturbating at every waking moment of the day thanks to his uncontrollable and frequent erections. As soon as he wakes up, in the shower, in the cinema toilets, behind a tree in the woods, during running practice, in the car while his mum pops off to the shops. You name it, he's had a wank there.

While Otis is...doing his thing in the passenger seat, Jean arrives back at the car at the precise moment he ejaculates ALL. OVER. THE. WINDOW.

It is, without a doubt, one of the best opening scenes to a season of TV I've ever seen and reader, when this scene was shown on a cinema-sized screen at the premiere in London a few weeks ago, there were screams.

Now that season 2 is out in the world, viewers are reacting in the same way - and everyone is losing it.

Speaking about the season opener, Asa told PopBuzz exactly how all those scenes were actually shot. (Sex Education uses an intimacy coordinator, that helps actors feel comfortable when they're shooting scenes like this.)

"I had one "trusty steed" that I could implement," revealed Asa. Through tears of laughter, Ncuti added: "Before any scene where he had to have an erection, he would be like, 'Uh, can we cut please? Can we engage boner, please?"

The scene was also one of the last things Asa had to film for the season and, as Ncuti puts it, that week was soon called "The Otis Wank Week". The scene also lead to Asa being dubbed the "Mozart of Masturbation". Have you ever heard such a beautifully poetic compliment?

Gillian Anderson, who plays Otis' mum and sex therapist extraordinaire Jean Milburn, took to Instagram on release day to share some behind-the-scenes pictures of the scene and it's, uhhhh, quite an insight. Thank you for your service, Gillian.

Gillian Anderson shares behind the scenes look at Sex Education's opening scene
Gillian Anderson shares behind the scenes look at Sex Education's opening scene. Picture: @gilliana via Instagram

And with that, I'm pretty sure Sex Education has cemented itself as one of the greatest shows of our time.