Sex Education season 2 filmed an alternative ending for Otis and Maeve

22 January 2020, 17:39

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Director Ben Taylor's alternative ending for Otis and Maeve was way more hopeful than the one we saw...

The ending of Sex Education season 2 was not great for shippers of Otis and Maeve, was it? In fact, the big frustrating twist in the final scene probably sent you spiralling into a dark pit where you most likely still are, a whole week later.

With the two characters finally acknowledging their feelings for each other, fans really thought that they might get their Otis and Maeve endgame after all. But the season 2 finale of the Netflix series saw the will-they-won't-they couple end up in a bit of a cliffhanger situation, thanks to a new character called Isaac.

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To make matters potentially even worse, it's now been revealed by director Ben Taylor that he shot a slightly different ending for Otis and Maeve, one that would have given fans a little more hope for the future of their favourite 'ship.


Otis and Maeve almost had a different ending on Sex Education
Otis and Maeve almost had a different ending on Sex Education. Picture: Netflix

In the final episode of season 2, Otis declares his love to Maeve in a voicemail while she's competing at the National Student Quiz Championships.

Following the championships, everyone heads to the school play except Maeve, who goes home with her mum and ends up spending the evening crying at home. She heads over to Isaac's, leaves her phone there and heads off to the shops.

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Just as she leaves, Otis arrives looking for Maeve and is told by Isaac that she's not home. Instead of waiting, Otis asks Isaac to tell Maeve to check her messages. He then listens to, and ultimately decides to delete, Otis' voicemail.

The final shot of the season sees Maeve smiling up at the moon and Otis walking away from the caravan park.

Speaking to BT TV, Taylor revealed the alternative ending that would have had hopeful Otis and Maeve shippers screaming for a completely different reason.

"I shot a thing just to see. Just to be naughty, because occasionally I can be," said Taylor. "[The] shot you see in the finale is Otis and Maeve going off in different directions and it finishes on a single slow-mo tracking shot of each of them. Even with no dialogue Asa and Emma are incredible."

In the alternative ending, both Otis and Maeve still leave the caravan park but this time, it's made to seem like they had just seen each other. Taylor told Butterfield and Mackey: "Otis act like you’ve just seen Maeve. Maeve, act like you’ve just seen Otis."

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In the end, Taylor agreed that it was the right decision to stick with Laurie Nunn's ending, and leave us hanging on that deleted voicemail situation. "I think shoes will be thrown at screens. In a good way. I love being pissed off at stuff. You think you want it, but you don't," he said.

Taylor then confessed that the two people that were the most pissed off with the situation were Emma and Asa themselves. "They just really want the closure for their characters. But you’re not going to get that yet," he said, before Nunn chipped in saying: "They may never get it!"

So, there you have it. I, along with the rest of the fandom, have honestly not known peace since Isaac deleted that voicemail. Season 3 could not come soon enough.