Scooby Doo finally made Velma a lesbian and fans are losing it

4 October 2022, 14:46

Mindy Kaling addresses backlash over her role as Scooby Doo's Velma

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"Holy sh--, they actually did it... Having Velma go full lesbian meltdown over a girl in a Classic Scooby thing is WILD."

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After years of speculation, theories, intended storylines and conversation, Scooby Doo has finally made explicit reference to Velma Dinkley being a lesbian.

Velma has often been intended as a gay/lesbian character in several different versions of Scooby Doo over the years, but the latest Scooby Doo movie has finally given fans a handful of scenes that clearly confirm her sexuality.

Fans are absolutely losing it over the clips of Velma from the latest animated movie, where her crush on another female character is a major character arc point.

The clip, which is from the new Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo! animated movie, sees Velma come face-to-face with a character named Coco. She promptly becomes entranced by Coco's hair-swooshing, "incredible glasses", "amazing turtleneck" and "brilliant" brain. Velma's glasses then steam up, before a blush creeps into her cheeks as she says, "Jinkies".

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New Scooby Doo movie makes clear reference to Velma Dinkley's sexuality
New Scooby Doo movie makes clear reference to Velma Dinkley's sexuality. Picture: Warner Bros. Pictures, Warner Home Video

In another clip shared by fans on social media, Velma later confesses to Daphne that she's "crushing big time" on Coco, after Daphne suggests that the character was Velma's "type".

After seeing the moment played out on screen after years of talk from producers and directors of other Scooby Doo movies about Velma being a lesbian, fans are screaming.

One user wrote: "Velma being a canon lesbian/gay in three separate SD universes is so amazing she’s just so powerful that she willed it into existence."

Another added: "Holy shit they actually did it. Like I knew they were gonna in Mystery Inc. And it's been very heavily hinted at but just having Velma go full lesbian meltdown over a girl in a Classic Scooby thing is WILD".

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Back in 2020, James Gunn, who wrote the 2002 Scooby Doo movie, previously explained that Linda Cardellini's Velma was "explicitly gay" in his initial script. "But the studio just kept watering it down & watering it down, becoming ambiguous (the version shot), then nothing (the released version) & finally having a boyfriend (the sequel)," he said.

Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated producer Tony Cervone also revealed that Velma's sexuality was initially meant to be more obvious, if they had time. Responding to an Instagram comment, Tony confirmed that Velma is gay: "I've said this before, but Velma in Mystery Incorporated is not bi. She's gay."

"We always planned on Velma acting a little off and out of character while she was dating Shaggy because that relationship was wrong for her and she had unspoken difficulty with the why."

There are hints about the why in that episode with the mermaid, and if you follow the entire Marcie arc it seems as clear as we could make it 10 years ago. I don't think Marcie and Velma had time to act on their feelings during the main timeline, but post reset, they are a couple. You can not like it, but this was our intention."

Trick or Treat Scooby Doo! is available to rent or purchase on demand now.

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