QUIZ: Can you score 9/10 on this School of Rock quiz?

18 November 2020, 18:15

Jack Black takes on WAP dance challenge

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

This School of Rock trivia quiz is for true fans of the movie only.

Is School of Rock the greatest film of all time? All signs point to yes. Not only does it feature a career-best performance from Jack Black as Dewey but it also lays claim to one of the most talented casts ever. From Joan Cusack to every single child actor in the movie, there's not a single weak leak in the film. Also, the entire script is hilarious and all the songs slap.

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How well do you remember School of Rock though? It's time to stick it to the man and put your knowledge of the film to the test. Score 9/10 or more and you're officially an expert in all things School of Rock. What are you waiting for? Take it.

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