Saltburn director says Oliver was "profoundly in love" with Felix

9 January 2024, 15:57

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

"If he’d loved him back, none of this would ever have happened."

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Did Oliver hate Felix in Saltburn or was he in love with him all along? Director Emerald Fennell has finally given us an answer.

At the start of Saltburn, it becomes pretty clear that Oliver (Barry Keoghan) has an obsession with Felix (Jacob Elordi). Oliver intensely follows Felix's every move and, when he's invited to stay at Felix's stately home, he famously slurps Felix's dirty bath water. Oh, and he has sex with his grave.

However, at the end of the film, it's revealed that Oliver poisoned Felix. Not only that but he was instrumental in the deaths of the rest of the Catton family and, just as Lady Elspeth is dying, he says that he hates all of them including Felix. As a result, fans have been torn as to whether Oliver planned to kill Felix or not.

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Now, Emerald Fennell has revealed the truth behind Oliver's actions and said that he was "profoundly in love" with Felix.

Is Oliver gay in Saltburn?

Saltburn director says Oliver was "profoundly in love" with Felix
Saltburn director says Oliver was "profoundly in love" with Felix. Picture: Prime Video

Speaking to GQ about Oliver's sexuality and feelings towards Felix, Emerald said: "Oh, god. Well, to me, Oliver’s profoundly in love with Felix. The first thing he says is he wasn’t in love with him. And we know that’s a lie. And the film shows us that’s a lie, and to what degree that is a lie he tells himself, I don’t know, or he’s just, you know, telling Elspeth and us."

Emerald continued to explain: "I always think that this film is just the result of what happens when you don’t get loved back. If he’d loved him back, none of this would ever have happened. I mean, of course it would, but it’s to me about that feeling of loving someone who won’t, or can’t, love you back."

The cast of Saltburn
Why did Oliver kill Felix in Saltburn? Director Emerald Fennell explains. Picture: BFA / Amazon MGM Studios / Alamy

Emerald also expanded on whether or not Oliver actually planned to kill Felix and take over Saltburn.

She said: "Well, again, it’s not really for me to say, because for me, it’s quite clear in the film. But also that’s not how we as humans work. He just wanted to meet him. And then he just wanted to be friends with him. And then he wanted to stay friends with him. And then, and then, and then, and then. And things become more complicated."

Emerald finished by saying: "I think we’ve all been there with a person we’ve loved. It’s always about not only how the person makes us feel, but the reflected glory. The thing of being special, and of that person making us special."

What do you think? Did you think Oliver was in love with Felix?

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