Drag Race UK's Vicki Vivacious calls out queens for lying to RuPaul on the runway | Drag Race Yearbook

3 November 2023, 17:00

Drag Race UK's Vicki Vivacious Calls Out Queens For Lying To RuPaul

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

"Some of those queens have...been proud of lying to Ru on the runway, and I'm not a liar"

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It's a brand new week on the Drag Race Yearbook and that means we've been kiki'ing with the latest eliminated queen from Drag Race UK.

Each week the eliminated queens from season 5 will be sitting down with PopBuzz hostess with the mostest Yshee Black to spill the tea on their time on the show.

And guess what? This season, it'll be streamed LIVE every Friday at 12:40pm UK time, before being uploaded to our YouTube channel in full.

As always, each eliminated queen will be nominating their fellow queens in our juicy yearbook categories, including who they think should be crowned PopBuzz Prom Queen of the season.

This week, Yshee is joined by the nation's favourite Cornish pasty, Vicki Vivacious.

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Drag Race UK Vicki Vivacious Interview
Drag Race UK Vicki Vivacious Interview. Picture: World of Wonder / PopBuzz

Vicki Vivacious got off to an amazing start in the competition after winning the maxi challenge in the first episode of season five.

Since then, she's constantly impressed the judges with her looks on the runway but things fell apart this week as the queens took on the iconic Snatch Game.

Her Fanny Cradock impression did not impress the judges, and after finishing in the bottom two with DeDeLicious, Vicki lost the lip sync and was eliminated from the competition.

In her exit interview on the Drag Race Yearbook, Vicki looks back on Snatch Game to 'toot and boot' all her sisters' character performances, and she shares her side of the story following her epic fallout with Banksie.

Not only that, Vicki has some choice words about queens lying to RuPaul on the runway and wearing outfits from Wish. Needless to say, Vicki does not hold back!

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