Drag Race UK vs The World: Pangina Heals receives racist abuse and death threats over controversial elimination

2 February 2022, 12:53

Drag Race UK vs The World’s Lemon Calls Out Mo Heart For Breaking Rules | Drag Race Yearbook

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Warning! Spoilers for RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs The World episode 1 ahead…

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RuPaul's Drag Race UK vs The World has eliminated its first queen and viewers are fuming with the result.

On Tuesday night (Feb 1), Drag Race UK vs The World launched its first episode. For the first time in herstory, nine queens from around the globe were given the chance to battle for the title of Ultimate Drag Race Superstar.

It was a dramatic episode and the rivalries started as soon as the queens sashayed down the runway. And after a quick talent competition, Drag Race Thailand judge Pangina Heals and Canada's Drag Race star Jimbo came out on top. Sadly, it wasn't good news for Canada's Drag Race's Lemon and Janey Jacké of Drag Race Holland, who were in the bottom two.

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Pangina Heals receives racist abuse and death threats over controversial elimination
Pangina Heals receives racist abuse and death threats over controversial elimination. Picture: BBC

Like All Stars, the week's top two queens lip synced to the death and the winner had to eliminate the queen of their choice. Pangina Heals beat Jimbo in a battle to 'Say You'll Be There' by the Spice Girls, in honour of guest judge Mel C, and she sent Lemon packing.

Pangina said: "I am not playing favouritism. I’ve known everyone for the same amount of time but I am choosing this person out of the idea of which show was original and I have made the decision that I am sending Lemon home. I’m sorry."

Lemon was devastated to be the first sent home: "I’m pretty crushed. I feel very, very heartbroken. I’m proud of what I did and I’m proud of what I put forward. I don’t think Pangina made the right choice but hopefully, Jimbo will bring back that crown [to Canada]. I couldn’t take over the world here but, I’ll take over the world somewhere else."

It's fair to say fans were devastated to see Lemon leave the competition so early too.

Unfortunately, some Drag Race fans have been taking it way too far and have been sending Pangina death threats and racist comments over Lemon's departure.

She tweeted: "Question. Am I allowed to block people who DM me angry messages regarding my decisions on the show? I have nothing but respect and love for every one of the girls but it is a competition and I had to make a decision. I am not angry do this. I get it but I also have a choice right.

"Okay now its racist remarks and death threats… Please be kind to other humans. You may not agree with my decision and I can respect that BUT violence or threats are not okay."

In response, Lemon condemned her fans' behaviour: "It’s never deep enough to send hate to my friend yall! i love pan and she had to pick someone! if you disagree just send me a dollar and stfu.