Drag Race UK’s Alexis Saint-Pete reacts to judges critiques and Cara & Tomara drama

6 October 2023, 17:34

Drag Race UK’s Alexis Saint-Pete Reacts To Judges Comments & Cara and Tomara Drama

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Alexis Saint-Pete talks judges critiques, Club Tickety-Boo and Cara and Tomara's werkroom argument.

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Well, here we are again babes! The Drag Race Yearbook is officially back, as Drag Race UK season 5 is finally unleashed upon the world.

Each week the eliminated queens from season 5 will be sitting down with PopBuzz hostess with the mostest Yshee Black to spill the tea on their time on the show... And guess what? This season, it'll be streamed LIVE before being uploaded to our YouTube channel in full.

As always, each eliminated queen will be nominating their fellow queens in our juicy yearbook categories, including who they think should be crowned PopBuzz Prom Queen of the season.

First up, it's Alexis Saint-Pete...

Drag Race UK's Alexis Saint-Pete spills about her time on season 5
Drag Race UK's Alexis Saint-Pete spills about her time on season 5. Picture: PopBuzz

After coming out on top in episode 1 (but narrowly missing out on her own RuPeter badge), Alexis found herself in the lip sync in episode 2 after being clocked by the judges on the runway for her efforts in the sewing challenge.

Sadly, she was sent home and now she's here chatting to PopBuzz about her time on the show.

From whether or not she agreed with the judges' critiques about her runway look, to the drama unfolding in the workroom between housemates Cara Melle and Tomara Thomas, Alexis spilled it alll, honeyyy!

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