9 iconic Lawrence Chaney moments that'll go down in Drag Race UK herstory

18 March 2021, 18:19

Drag Race UK’s Lawrence Chaney & Ellie Diamond On Their Epic Falling Out | PopBuzz Meets

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"I'm like the Loch Ness Monster... A LEGEND!"

There's only way to open this article, isn't there? *inhales* LAWRENCE CHAAAAAHNEEEEEH!!!!

Drag Race UK season 2 has given us everything. From the nail-biting lip-syncs and show-stopping maxi challenges, all the way down to the runways, Lawrence Chaney has been front and centre from the very beginning.

After 9 episodes and countless RuPeter badges later, our fave Glasgow queen has earned her rightful place in the final alongside Ellie Diamond, Bimini Bon Boulash and Tayce. Now it's time to take a look back at Lawrence's best bits and relive some of those iconic moments.

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Drag Race UK: Lawrence Chaney's best moment
Drag Race UK: Lawrence Chaney's best moments. Picture: BBC Three

1) When Lawrence Chaney wore her own face on the runway.

Lawrence Chaney's consistent level of excellence on the runway was easily one of season 2's standout moments – from the very first Queen of Your Hometown/Gay Icon double runway, all the way to that gorgey pink 'Stoned' moment and then the Panto Dame lewk in the semi final.

But when she walked out for the Monster Mashup runway? Body was served! LITERALLY!

2) When Lawrence Chaney broke the bike in Morning Glory.

Not only did Lawrence give thee Lorraine Kelly a run for her money as one half of the Dragony Nieces, she also gave us one of most iconic and memorable moments in Drag Race UK herstory when she attempted to exit the scene on a tiny kids bike, and ended up breaking it.


3) When Lawrence Chaney told Bimini to “get fucked” after learning what 'PMA' means.

In the werk room, Lawrence and Bimini sat down to have an honest chat about how the pandemic and subsequent UK lockdowns had affected the both of them, mentally and professionally. What followed was easily one of the funniest moments of the season. If "get fucked" wasn't already a staple in your everyday vocabulary, it is now.

4) Lawrence Chaney's “I’ll show you my shag-pipes!” runway comment

Almost every single thing that came out of Lawrence's mouth either on stage, in the werk room or in the confessionals, was comedy gold but the best one came mid-runway, in response to Sheridan Smith's commentary on Lawrence's tartan reveal outfit.

5) When Lawrence Chaney served Phyllis Bitchell in Beastenders.

If the real Shirley Carter and/or Phil Mitchell actors ever want a week off from filming actual Eastenders, the BBC know who to call.


6) “You’re so stupid, you studied for your COVID test”

Sister Sister may have won this mini challenge but Lawrence's Ellie Diamond read was a moment.


7) Lawrence Chaney's ongoing 'sexual tension' gag with Tayce and A'Whora

Not only did Lawrence's suspicions about Tayce and A'Whora's relationship provide us with so much entertainment, it was also the catalyst for Tayce's now iconic "the cheek, the nerve, the gall, the audacity and the gumption!" line. And for that we say, thank YOU, Lawrence Chaney.


8) When Lawrence Chaney and the rest of the United Kingdolls gave us 'UK Hun?'

When Lawrence's opening verse of 'UK Hun?' boomed out of our speakers, life as we knew it changed forever. Weeks later, Lawrence's "Clap for the bing bang BOOOOOONG" is still playing on a loop in our heads and to be honest, we hope it never leaves.


9) And finally, this absolutely incredible quick drag moment for the Limbo mini challenge.

No words. Just complete and utter adoration for the icon and legend Lawrence Chaney.