Drag Race UK's Krystal Versace praised after opening up about being a virgin

4 November 2021, 21:18

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WARNING: Spoilers for Drag Race UK ahead!

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RuPaul's Drag Race UK's Krystal Versace has been praised after opening up about being a virgin.

Thursday night's episode (Nov 4) saw the five remaining queens race against the clock in the stressful Miss Fugly Beauty Pageant (that stands for friend u gotta love yourself, btw).

The contestants had to prepare three runway lewks – fugly swimwear, charity shop chic and fugly but fashionable – in a very limited amount of time, including getting their hair and makeup runway ready.

Although the queens were incredibly stressed as time ticked on, they still found the time to have a heart-to-heart in the werkroom. While discussing body confidence, Krystal revealed that she had never had sex before despite her super sexy image.

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Drag Race UK's Krystal Versace praised after opening up about being a virgin
Drag Race UK's Krystal Versace praised after opening up about being a virgin. Picture: BBC

"Me and my drag it's to be that curvy woman, that's how I've empowered that. It may not seem like a big deal for you but for me personally it is because I've never been sexual with anyone. I've never had sex with anyone," Krystal explained. "I know that may come as a shock to some people because my drag is sex on legs, but it's actually not the case for Luke [Krystal's birth name]."

The other queens were shocked to hear that Krystal was a virgin considering her hypersexual persona, but praised her for telling her story, and being so focused on what she wants. "Seeing a boy and going on a date was never a priority to me," the 19-year-old admitted.

Scarlett Harlett then added: "You don't let anyone get in your way. Not even a bit of dick." Krystal replied: "No, I ain't got time for that."

People on social media also commended Krystal for having an open conversation about her virginity on TV.

One user tweeted: "Our first virgin drag queen. Finally a true queen of the people."

And another added: "As a 19 year old queer virgin can I just take a minute to say how amazing it is the krystal is so damn comfortable with it. It feels like it's an embarrassing thing to still not have had sex, especially as a queer person, but it really isnt. Fine either way gals."


After the heartfelt conversation with the queens, Krystal stormed the runway in three lewks – but it was her last runway outfit that attracted the most attention. Krystal wore a bold, fashion-forward look but when RuPaul asked Scarlett who was wearing the best outfit, Scarlett saw the opportunity to compare Krystal's styling to that of Anubis, who was the first queen eliminated from the competition.

Krystal later told Scarlett that she didn't like the comparison, especially in front of the judges. And Anubis even responded to it all on Twitter. In response to a fan tweeting that they were "manifesting" Anubis' return to the competition, she said: "Well... I did come back."

Elsewhere, after a lot of rushing around, it was Scarlett and Vanity Milan who failed to impress the judges, landing themselves in the bottom pile for the week. The gals delivered an exceptional lip-sync to Mis-Teeq's 'Scandalous' but ultimately it was Scarlett's time to sashay away.

We're now down to just four queens: Vanity Milan, Krystal Versace, Kitty Scott Claus and Ella Vaday.

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