Drag Race UK's Krystal Versace opens up about cosmetic surgery

24 September 2021, 12:43

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Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"It's my body I can do what I want."

Drag Race UK queen Krystal Versace has opened up about having cosmetic procedures for her drag.

Season 3 of RuPaul's Drag Race UK kicked off on Thursday night (Sep 23) and it started with a bang. There were flawless werkroom entrances, a game of dirty charades, some herstory-making runway lewks (River Medway's Thomas Waghorn statue ensemble was everything) and TWO lip-sync battles.

But elsewhere, the queens really opened up about their lives and it's only episode one. One of those queens is Krystal, who at 19 revealed that she has had multiple cosmetic procedures.

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Drag Race UK's Krystal Versace opens up about cosmetic surgery
Drag Race UK's Krystal Versace opens up about cosmetic surgery. Picture: BBC

Krystal was taking off her makeup when she got into a conversation about her enhancements with Elektra Fence. "I've had my chin done, I've had my nose done, I've had my cheeks done...," Krystal explained.

"Obviously there's a stigma with getting things done it's like, 'Oh you don't love yourself.' And it's like, no, I liked my face it's just for me and my drag I just wanted a bit more to work with."

Krystal added: "I just wanted to emphasise what mother gave me, a bit of plumping here and there to just create my own fantasy. It's my body I can do what I want."

Despite being the baby of the competition, Krystal entered the Drag Race UK hall of fame, becoming the top queen of the week thanks to her to fierce runway looks. "You are so young and so ahead of the game in your career," RuPaul told her.

However, the accolade didn't come as easy as it has in previous seasons. Krystal was forced to lip-sync against other top queen Victoria Scone for the crown.

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