The Tamisha Iman and Monét X Change drama has spawned some hilarious memes

5 May 2021, 13:11

Drag Race's Tamisha Iman threatens to "make an example" of Monét X Change

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Your quintessential guide to all the drama between Drag Race's Tamisha Iman and Monét X Change.

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 might have just ended, but the drama is only getting started. There's a serious war going on between Tamisha Iman and Monét X Change right now and, whew, is it messy.

On Saturday (May 1), Season 13's Tamisha Iman posted an almost 17-minute Instagram video calling out All Stars 4 winner Monét X Change for constantly throwing shade at her. Drag Race fans were particularly shocked by the seemingly random beef, so much so, that they didn't even believe it was real.

Since then, Tamisha has promised to divulge all the details about her thoughts on Monét and more. But there's a lot to unpack here, so here's what you need to know about the Tamisha Iman and Monet X Change drama.

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The Tamisha Iman and Monét X Change drama explained 

The Tamisha Iman and Monét X Change drama explained
The Tamisha Iman and Monét X Change drama explained. Picture: VH1

What happened between Tamisha Iman and Monét X Change?

The drama between Tamisha Iman and Monét X Change all stems from the Sibling Rivalry podcast. Monét co-hosts the podcast with Season 8 winner Bob The Drag Queen.

Monét and Bob launched a segment on the podcast called Sibling Watchery for Season 13, which involved the duo analysing each new episode of Drag Race. Now, Bob loved Tamisha since the start of Season 13 and was constantly giving her praise. However, Monét was a little more critical about Tamisha's drag. It then became a running joke that Monét and Tamisha had beef, which Monét denied.

Tamisha (who has blocked Monét on all her social media accounts) was clearly offended by Monét's comments on her drag and decided to announce that she would be launching a new show on May 4 – and the first episode would be all about reading Monét for filth. In the video, Tamisha listens to a clip of Monét and Bob critiquing her reunion music video on Sibling Rivalry.

"So, I am not petty as people think, but now that the season is over… I’m about to show y’all how to reign supreme by giving zero fucks about what people may think about you," Tamisha said.

"Now Monét…please let her know, the way I am going to read your ass on Tuesday, and not just you, because I tried to spare a lot of y’all, but the way I am going to read you former drag girls… I am going to show why I have lasted in this industry 30 years. I am going to show you why you sometimes have to learn to respect your elders. Not one comment I have made publicly about Monét since I entered the show. She has read me at every chance she could get, she hasn’t been the only one, but she is the one I am going to make an example of."

The Tamisha and Monét memes are now in full swing and fans couldn't wait for what Tuesday might bring.

Monét didn't seem too bothered by it all, though. She headed on Instagram Stories, where she laughed: "Tamisha Iman is coming for me," in reference to Tamisha's 'Phenomenon' verse. She also seemed unfazed on Twitter, with Monét tweeting: "This is all the energy I will be giving this for the time being. I have a fucking music video to shoot tomorrow and Tuesday," alongside a compilation video of her complimenting Tamisha.

As for Tamisha's show? Well, that's going to cost you. According to a Reddit post detailing a livestream where she briefly addressed the Monét drama, Tamisha will not be spilling the tea for free. She'll be sitting down with Bob, Monét and a moderator in a couple weeks to hash out their issues. But to watch, you'll need to subscribe to the Tamisha Iman Network for $15.99 per show, or $25 per month.

So, get your popcorn ready… and your coins.