Pangina Heals defends Jimbo elimination and Blu Hydrangea following Drag Race UK controversy

24 February 2022, 17:55

Drag Race's Pangina Heals Claps Back At Jimbo And Blu's Elimination Decision | UK vs The World

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

"I thought she did the worst in the challenge. Period"

Following her shock elimination this week on Drag Race UK vs The World, Pangina Heals has given her reaction to the controversy surrounding her exit from the competition.

In this week's episode, the queens competed in the legendary Snatch Game, where the queens impersonate famous celebrities and characters.

Despite looking like the spitting image of Mariah Carey, Pangina failed to impress RuPaul and was in the bottom four (only Baga and Blu were safe after placing in the top). After winning the lip sync against Baga, Blu Hydrangea chose to send home Pangina.

Pangina was visibly upset and shaken by the decision, and her cries backstage could be heard on the runway as RuPaul was attempting to finish filming the episode.

Blu's decision was criticised on social media, with some fans suggesting that Blu only got rid of Pangina because she had won two badges and was the frontrunner to take the crown. Reacting to the controversy in an interview with PopBuzz, Pangina revealed that she had expected Blu to save her.

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Pangina Heals Drag Race UK vs The World
Pangina Heals Drag Race UK vs The World. Picture: World of Wonder / PopBuzz

Pangina said: "I haven't seen the episode yet because it's too triggering for me but I will."

"When Blu was lip syncing, I was cheering her on because I was like, 'Blu is really close to me on the show, I really love her, she's not going to send me home. There's no way.'"

According to Pangina, Blu told Pangina on the runway that she could have won the whole competition.

Pangina said: "Was it shown on the show that she [Blu] said, ‘you would probably have won?'"

But there's clearly no hard feelings now. Pangina said: "I don't even think about whether it's strategy. Who cares? It's a competition. Someone has to go home and it's me. If she if she thinks that I did the worst during that week, then who cares about my track record? I fucked up during that week. I deserve to go home. The name of the game, we signed up for it."

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Many fans noted the similarities between Pangina's elimination and Jimbo's elimination the previous week.

Jimbo was a clear favourite to win after finishing in the top two twice. However, when she landed in the bottom two for the first time following the Rusical challenge, Pangina sent Jimbo home.

Similar to Pangina, Jimbo also had a very emotional reaction to being booted out of the competition but this was not shown in the final edit of the show.

When asked about the controversy surrounding her decision to eliminate Jimbo, and whether she only chose Jimbo because she was a threat, Pangina denied that this was the case.

"You mean the fact that people think that I eliminated Jimbo because she was she was my competition? Number one: we're [all] in this competition. Everyone's competition. Juju was able to become the top three every single time. She didn't get there because she's a weak ass drag queen. She got there because she has something. Okay, let's just make that clear."

"And for me with Jimbo, I thought she did the worst in the challenge. Period. With Jimbo, I felt like she did the worst in the competition being that dog."

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Pangina also had something to say about Jimbo's neck issue in the same episode.

When asked who was the biggest drama queen of the season, she said: "Jimbo. The neck thing? Look, I am not a licensed doctor. But I just know that the neck pain cannot miraculously go away within a couple of hours, or suddenly reappear out of convenience."

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