Aquaria Just DRAGGED Bebe Rexha After She Slammed The 'Drag Race' Finalists

4 July 2018, 15:36

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

The winning queen is not here for this character assassination...

Bebe Rexha and RuPaul's Drag Race beef may not be a phrase you'd ever thought you'd hear but it is 2018 and anything goes. Bebe was performing at VH1's Trailblazer Honors last night and some of the girls, including Aquaria, introduced the 'Meant to Be' hitmaker. The finalists from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 have each been doing press nonstop since the show finished and this was just one of their amazing gigs over the past few days.

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So far so normal. However, soon after the event, Bebe took to Twitter to slam the Drag Race stars she met for being rude in person. Speaking to her one million followers, she wrote: "I met some of the contestants from ru Pauls drag race and I wasn’t in Hair and Makeup so they didn’t know it was me and they were COLD af."

Aquaria & Bebe Rexha
Picture: VH1 // Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Bebe then went on to add that out of Aquaria, Asia, Cameron and Eureka, Eureka was the only one who was nice to her in person. She even added a dig that even though they "seemed exhausted", their "schedule" must be nothing on hers.

These are Bebe's original tweets.

Ouch. Realising that the comments were directed at her and the other girls, Aquaria immediately responded to the backlash. She replied to Bebe's tweet explaining that she didn't recognise her because she was "mushy brained" and to praise Bebe on her performance and album.

Bebe then replied saying that she "get[s] it" and that she was just "really sad" with how it all played out.

However, unhappy with how Bebe had painted her and the other queens, Aquaria then called out the 'Me, Myself & I' singer on her statements. She wrote: "We’re really just artists who were being swept through a crazy week" and added: " I don’t think any of us would intend to be rude or shady to any other performer".

She then went in depth about drag queen stereotypes: "everyone always tries to pit on drag queens that we’re stuck up bitches who don’t have time for the people who enjoy our work. We were all so impressed with the performances at the trailblazers and so grateful to be included."

Aquaria also pointed out that VH1 asked Bebe to perform at the event, not them: "Did VH1 ask our clown asses to perform? Absolutely not. So you win" and ended things on a positive note: "We love u babe. The kids love u. We’re not trying to be stuck up and rude".

These are Aquaria's explanatory tweets.

Amazing. Unable to resist poking fun at the situation, Aquaria then made her own meme. Quoting Bebe she wrote: "Try my schedule and let’s talk ladies" alongside of a picture of herself rehearsing.

The RuPaul's Drag Race winner then went on to speak about the fact that because of Bebe's tweet, the Drag Race queens have now been villainised by media outlets. She then encouraged people to rewatch the VH1 programme and celebrate the artists that it honoured.

I think we can all agree that everyone should watch Pose.

Never one to let her feelings go unexplained, Aquaria added a series of follow-up tweets about how the whole situation with Bebe made her feel. The entertainer also spoke up about the power dynamics at play. As queer artists, she and the other queens are unlikely to ever have the same platform as Bebe.

Aquaria also touched on the backlash that she and the queens are now receiving from Bebe's fans.

All things considered, we think that Aquaria's response is great and puts into perspective how damaging a tweet like Bebe's can be. We hope that Bebe takes the time to consider what Aquaria has said and responds.

We shall update you with any further news.