Alexis Mateo calls out RuPaul’s Drag Race for mistreatment of Latinx queens

14 July 2020, 15:50

Alexis Mateo calls out RuPaul’s Drag Race over its treatment of Latina queens

Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

RuPaul's Drag Race contestant Alexis Mateo is unhappy with both the show and fans' treatment of Latinx queens, in a recently unearthed video.

Another week of All Stars 5, another goodbye to one of our favourite queens. But as we bid Alexis Mateo farewell last week, a resurfaced video has now gone viral, where the 40-year-old Puerto Rican queen speaks out about the mistreatment of Latinx people on the show.

It comes shortly after contestants of colour were initially refused Twitter verification over their white co-stars, and some serious questions are being raised following the resurfaced videoo, about what goes on behind the scenes.

In the clip, spoken in her native language Spanish, Alexis cites her fellow latin sisters Nina Flowers (who she says should've won over Bebe Zahara Benet), Yara Sofia, and Jessica Wild, all who performed well throughout their seasons, and were still not given the opportunity to go all the way.

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Alexis Mateo has called out the show and its fans in a self-recorded video.
Alexis Mateo has called out the show and its fans in a self-recorded video. Picture: Santiago Felipe/FilmMagic/Alexis Mateo

She also slammed other queens of Latin descent who were celebrated and well-loved despite not actually speaking Spanish or alluding to their heritage at all during their time on the show. She didn't mention anyone in particular, but fans think it could've been in reference to Bianca Del Rio, who won season six.

"I don't care who your great-grandfather is," she said. "For me, if you don't speak Spanish, you're not a Latino. Period, end of discussion. These roots are very important."

Speaking of her rocky relationships on All Stars, she added: "For those of you who are at home celebrating Miz Cracker, stop being sell-outs. What we need is Latino support.

"All these girls who have had spectacular careers... All sent home, just like that. They sent me home without even having the opportunity to lip sync [for the crown] in the Top 3 [of season 3]."

She finished by noting that the show would be nothing without "Latin flavour".

Despite being one of the most famous Latino queens to come from the show, Alexis was put on villain-blast during All Stars 5 after her fellow queens suggested that she was conspiring to send them home.

Of course, being considered a minority both in the franchise and modern-day America because of her language barrier, it's imagined that she's rightly a little cheesed off by the way she's been edited on the series, so that viewers overlook her outstanding talent.

Is the show ready for change?

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