Regé-Jean Page addresses reports he wasn't cast as Superman's grandfather because of his race

8 April 2021, 12:51

Regé-Jean Page trains to ride a horse for Netflix's Bridgerton

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

The allegations were part of a report about the abuse actor Ray Fisher alleges he experienced on the set of Justice League.

Regé-Jean Page has responded to reports that he wasn't cast as Superman's grandfather in Krypton because he's Black.

The Bridgerton actor is thought to have auditioned for the lead part in Krypton, a 2019 TV series that centres on Superman's grandfather Seg-El. Krypton was cancelled in August 2019 after only two seasons on Syfy, with actor Cameron Cuffe eventually cast in the role.

On Tuesday (April 6), multiple sources told The Hollywood Reporter that Regé-Jean – who has Zimbabwean and English heritage – had auditioned for the role of Superman's grandfather. However Geoff Johns, the former co-chairman of DC Films who was overseeing the project, said Superman (the completely fictional character, btw) could not have a Black grandfather.

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Regé-Jean Page addresses reports he wasn't cast in Superman series because of his race
Regé-Jean Page addresses reports he wasn't cast in Superman series because of his race. Picture: Mike Marsland/WireImage, Syfy

Apparently, the creators also wanted to make one character, Adam Strange, gay or bisexual. But Geoff reportedly didn't want that either.

Geoff's rep later denied both claims and said he believed fans expected the character to look like Henry Cavill, who has played Superman in the movies since 2013.

Regé-Jean has now seemingly responded to the report on Twitter, although, he didn't specify that he was speaking about Krypton. He tweeted: "Hearing about these conversations hurts no less now than it did back then. The clarifications almost hurt more tbh. Still just doing my thing. Still we do the work. We still fly."

Regé-Jean Tweet
Regé-Jean Tweet. Picture: @regejean via Twitter

Luckily, Regé-Jean isn't short of job offers since finishing up on Netflix's Bridgerton. Regé-Jean is reportedly a favourite to play the next James Bond.