‘Queer Eye’ Just Introduced The "French Tuck" To The World And Now Everyone's Obsessed

21 June 2018, 16:54

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

The locals have discovered the "french tuck" thanks to Tan France's expert fashion advice.

When Queer Eye's resident culture coach Karamo Brown told style expert Tan France that he was going to have "every straight man around the world doing [your] french tuck," he was, in fact, not lying. Season two of the groundbreaking "makeover" show just dropped on Netflix and everyone is losing it over Tan's simple ~tucking~ technique.

The French Tuck is basically a technique in which one would tuck the front of their shirt into their trousers or skirt for a more flattering lewk. It's been around for ages but thanks to Tan's expertise in the field, he's just unleashed it onto a whole group of new and unsuspecting people in need of some fashion advice and it's quite simply changed their entire lives.

Here's SEVERAL visual representations of the inventor of the new age French Tuck, Tan expertly demonstrating how to pull off the lewk with poise, confidence and panache.

Tan France French Tuck
Picture: @TanFrance via Instagram/Netflix

How do you do the French Tuck? It's simple - all you've gotta do is you tuck your shirt "ever so slightly at the front." The technique will slim you down, lengthen your legs but also hide your hips and doesn't highlight any areas where people might struggle when it comes to proportions. Tan also says "it makes your ordinary outfit look a little smarter." Listen to Tan. He knows what's good.

Of course, for many people, this is first time they've ever heard of the French Tuck and they're obsessed with it. Others are just living for the fact that Tan has found what might be the season two equivalent of Antoni's season one greek yoghurt guacamole.

The French Tuck will fix all of your problems. No joke.

The French Tuck is THAT bitch.

Tan has truly changed the game for the locals.

The most ambitious crossover event in history.

Men, we're watching you. Sincerely, women who have literally been doing this for 84 years.

The trajectory of Tan's simple yet ingenious fashion advice knows NO limits.

Gonna be drunk by episode 4.

If it works, why change it?!

Get it together and tuck it in, babes.

The French Tuck just cleared by skin and erased all my student debt.

Petition to rename the French Tuck, the 'FRANCE Tuck'?!